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Violation of rules WILL result in loss of posting privileges or  membership at the discretion of the Webmaster. You may be removed without prior notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any membership older than 90 days with Zero (0) posts will be deleted unless you make arrangements with the Administration.

In no particular order...

No pornography, hard, soft or otherwise. If anything is questionable, it probably qualifies and is not allowed. Suggestively posed pictures, personal or not, or links containing such, even when gun related, are not allowed. Keep it clean.

No profanity. The word censoring feature on this board is disabled. We rely on the membership to police themselves. The occasional Freudian Slip is understandable, particularly in the heat of the moment, but is discouraged. Please conduct yourselves accordingly.

No flaming. This includes disrespect, antagonism, baiting, name-calling and a host of other demeaning attributes. Such behavior, whether  perceived as justified or not, is not allowed. Please pursue any such inclination off the board. Disagreements are common in groups of highly individual people, but we have progressed the idea of communication above insult and endeavor to keep it that way. If you feel the need to pursue such an exchange, do it off site. It will not be tolerated here.

This site does not support racism. What it does support is the rational  exchange of ideas concerning race relations as it affects our society and liberty that is factual and not slanted. Evidence is evidence. If you are sensitive and/or biased towards this subject or prone to offense, do not participate in such discussions. This goes both ways. To mark a person or people on the basis of appearance is unwise and irresponsible. To truthfully discuss culture, behavior and proclivity apart from prejudice is acceptable. These posts will be closely monitored.

Posts seldom display the entire and complete thoughts of an author concerning the particular subject. Don't read into them too deep and take offense during a debate. If you find something offensive, ask for clarification and do not presume intent as you perceive it. The benefit of a doubt goes a long way in this mode of communication.

The discussion of illegal activities is not allowed here. Granted, current legalities are relative, especially in light of the Constitutional intent. Please abide by this and conduct such conversations off site on secure comm.

Attempts to hack or harm this site, and/or stalk, harass, or harm a member will be dealt with harshly. Situations that are not handled internally will be referred to and pursued by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Do not post another person's personal information anywhere on this board unless it is expressly authorized by an Administrator. The only case in which such information will be allowed is when it is deemed necessary to protect the membership from harm, as in the case of illegal activity. Supporting evidence will be verified before any information is posted.

Minor promotion of a member's business is allowed so long as it is tasteful, occasional and not overbearing.

Use of the AssaultWeb name and logos, and/or in conjunction with any fundraising event, meeting, convention or otherwise must be approved by the WebMaster. 

Restraint and reservation are the hallmarks of a polite society. That and bearing firearms. Likewise, the display of such is about being ladies and gentlemen and not about being politically correct. Please don't confuse this issue and do your best to maintain the peace.

Moderators in their respective forums may allow established members certain leverage and license. Such members enjoy the self-restrained freedoms that comes with familiarity. New members are advised to conduct themselves conservatively until they have been here a while and such relationships have developed.

Moderators in their respective forums are authorized to ban members who do not positively contribute to those forums. They may also recommend members to be banned from the entire site. If you find certain subject matter offensive, stay out of that forum. In the effort to edify yourself, you may debate a subject as long as it is respectful. If your debate is dissension in disguise, you will be asked and expected to desist or you will be removed from the board.

This is a conservative site. Consequently, most members embrace corresponding views. They are given leverage to support those ideals to great lengths. Opposing views are allowed in debate, but disrespect to those ideals will  not be tolerated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a traditional, family-oriented, Christian board. Our membership consists of men, women and children who enjoy Liberty as it was intended. However, regardless of your particular orientation, as long as you abide by the spirit of these rules, you are welcome here.

If you feel an additional comment is noteworthy, please submit such to any contact us link and we will consider your suggestion.