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Assaultweb Links Page

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 Ammunition and Related Sources 

Cole Distributing, Inc.

Discount Distributors, Inc.

FIREQUEST - Specialty 12 ga. shotgun ammo, grenade launchers/ammo, and all kinds of goodies.

Florida Ammo Traders - Home of FAT. Great deals on guns and ammo.

Hitach Industries

Outland Sales and Service, Inc. - Specializing in .22 ammo from around the world.

Tapco - Shooting and Military Gear

 Firearms Related Blogs 

NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog

 Christian Related Sources 

Anchor Stones - Ron Wyatt's archeological discoveries. Read about the Ark of the Covenant.

AudioCentral.com - Lots of great programs to listen to while surfing the web.


Endtime News Digest

ENDTIMES.COM - Another viewpoint on Biblical Prophecy.


Newswatch Magazine - Making clear today's news in the light of Bible Prophecy.

Nostradamus - End of time prophecies

Prophetic News Service - Read the archives or sign up for email alerts.

The Bible Gateway - Great bible resource.

THE CHRISTIAN AT WAR - A document from Total Resistance.

The Cutting Edge - Check out "Current Newsletters" Weekly Updates For Christians On The New World Order.

Watcher Website - Not for the close minded.

 Firearms Manufacturers 



Bond Arms


Bul Transmark


Century International Arms

Christensen Arms

Cimmaron Arms

Colt Manufacturing Company

Dakota Arms

Davis Industries

Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc.


Freedom Arms

Glock Pistols

GSIfirearms.com - Exclusive U.S. importers for Steyr Mannlicher rifles and Merkel shotguns.

Heritage Manufacturing, Inc.

High Standard

Ithaca Gun Company

Kahr Arms


Kimber of America

Knight's Manufacturing Company

L&G Weaponry

Magnum Research, Inc.



North American Arms

October Country

Olympic Arms

Para Ordnance Mfg. Inc.



Savage Arms

Scattergun Technologies


SKB Shotguns

Smith &Wesson

Springfield Armory

Thompson / Center Arms

U.S. Repeating Arms Company

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd.

Wilson Combat

Winchester Rifles and Shotguns

 Firearms, Parts and Accessories 

AA-OK, Inc. - AK and HK parts.

Ace Ltd. - Produces some of the worlds finest fixed and folding skeleton rifle stocks for military and law enforcement type rifles. As well as other accessories for these rifles.

Cobray Company - Original parts and accessories.

Chalen Enterprises - Recoil buffers.

CHOATE Machine & Tool, Inc.

Flash Distributing - AK bolt lock, AK extended mag release, AK-AR-HK target grips, FA trigger systems, 10/22 muzzle grenade launcher, ghillie suit.

Galati International - We have been a mail order business for firearm and shooting accessories since 1983. We sell rifle cases, range bags, mag pouches, knives, night vision, scopes, books and manuals, firearm videos and much much more.

Global Trades Company

Hogue, Inc. - Get a grip.

K-VAR Corp. - Lots of AK parts and accessories.

MidwayUSA - The world's largest mail order shooting and reloading superstore.

Mounting Solutions Plus - Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is a distributor of high quality shooting products for the discriminating shooter in the varmint, competition and tactical disciplines.

"MR. 40MM"

NARTRON, Inc. - Submachine Gun Parts Sets. All items are sold as spare parts or replacement parts only. All NFA rules and classifications apply as does Section 922(r).

Philadelphia Ordinance, Inc. - Makers of 80% receivers for a host of in-demand firearms. A must-have resource for that special project. All of our 80% machined receivers have been examined by the ATF and are classified as non-firearms and can be ordered direct.

Progressive Arms, Inc.

Robinson Armament Company


Tennessee Guns

TNW, Inc. - Manufacturers of the Semi Auto Model 1919, the Semi Auto MG34 and M2HB Semi-MachineGuns.

 Firearms Related Sources 

Bullfrog Rust Blocker Gun Sleeve - We have Military/FDA/USDA approved corrosion protection bags, sleeves and emmitter systems for firearms protection.

Duncan Long's Short Stories and Articles.

Girls With Guns - Lots of movie pics.

Gun Free Zone - Funny, sarcastic anti-gun products.

No Rust Storage Bags

SecurityArms.Com - A wicked picture gallery. Have you ever seen a .50 BMG pistol?

The Russian Store - Sells Russian military uniforms.

 General Information Sources 

United States Constitution Search

 Government Information Sources 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

DefenseLINK - DOD publications

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The National Agricultural Library

The United States Government Manual

U.S. State Department - The Secretary of State

U.S. Treasury

 Gun Manufacturing and Repair - Remakes and Re-Arsenaling 

Fulton Armory - Buy a specialized rifle or upgrade yours. Expert assessment and repair of AR-15, M1 Garand, M14/M1A, and M1 Carbine. Nice source of information on same.

Gibbs Rifle Company

Springfield Armory - World class rifles, pistols and optics.

 Military Information Sources 

Air War College - Army and Marine clipart. Black and white line art.

DVIC - Defense Visual Information Center. Huge image vault on anything military.

Index of Assets - Pics of Navy subs.

Marines - A site dedicated to The Few, The Proud...

Maxwell AFB - Interesting site to browse.

SEALs - Nice information site. Check out the "Hall of Shame" about fake SEALs exposed. It's in the Core Information directory.

U.S. Army's ITAM Website - Integrated Training Area Management. Lots of information.


American Flag and Gift - "Any Flag, Any Size"

Liberty Quotes - Great resource.

Paypal - The way to send and receive money online.

The Poster Gallery - Lots of nice artwork.

X10.COM - Nifty Internet and home/business security cameras. Wired and wireless systems.

Waco Memorial Site - Take a moment to picture this...


Gun Owners of America


 Publications, News and Information Sources 

APBnew.com - Check out the latest Breaking News on crime and justice in America.



The Weather Channel


 Related Discussion Forums 





The FAL Files

 Reloading and Ballistics Information - Cartridge Manufacturers 

CCI (Cascade Cartridge, Inc.)


Federal Cartridge Company

Fiocchi USA

M. D. Smith's Reloading Pages



RCBS Reloading Equipment

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply

Sellier and Bellot

Speer Bullets

Vihtavuori Oy

Winchester Ammunition

WOLF Performance Ammunition

 Sniper Related Information 

Mel's Sniper Page

Sabco Industries is an innovative manufacturer of "concealment systems" for Hunters, Law Enforcement, Military and Photographers.

Sniper Country

Snipers Hide

 Suppressed - Silenced 

Impact Guns - Huge source for silencers.

GunAccessories.Com - Replacement, threaded, and ported barrels.

 Survival and Self-Sufficiency Resources 


Internet Hunting Society -We provide you with the largest and the best collection of information about hunting and hunting equipment and services available on the net.

jade mountain - One of the best sources for self-sufficiency.

Lehman's non-electric catalog - Great site for old timey tools that work.

Mech Tech Systems - Slap this upper on your 1911 and create the ultimate survival carbine.

NBC GUY'S Survival World - Basic decontamination.

Survival Medical FAQ

The Online Homesteading Resource - Excellent self-sufficiency information.

The Sportsman's Guide

Walton Feed, Inc.

Watertanks.com - Everything for food and water storage.

 Tactics and Strategies Resources 

Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. - Tactical gear and accessories.

Guns and Weapons - Anarchist site. Don't do anything stupid. For information only.

HushMail - Get free, secure email.

NightOptics.com - NV headsets, scopes, and viewing devices.

Northridge International, Inc. - Military Surplus, Firearms Spare Parts and accessories from around the world.

Revenge-R-Us - Interesting service. Provide some info on someone you really don't like and let these people make 'em miserable.

SPYCHECKER - Spyware removal software. Get it.

SRT Supply - Law Enforcement and Military gear. Lots of neat stuff.

StealthBag - Thermal cloaking makes you invisible to infrared detection. Military and Soldier Of Fortune Tested: ZERO IR SIGNATURE!

The Patriot War College - Tactical training information.

TerraServer - Satellite and aerial photos.

TopoZone - Satellite and aerial photos.

Wholesale Hunter - For hunting, outdoor, and law enforcement needs.