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Nappoleanic battlefield strategy

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  • Nappoleanic battlefield strategy

    The ideal Napoleonic battle was to manipulate the enemy into an unfavourable position through manoeuvre and deception, force him to commit his main forces and reserve to the main battle and then undertake an enveloping attack with uncommitted or reserve troops on the flank or rear. Such a surprise attack would either produce a devastating effect on morale, or force him to weaken his main battle line. Either way, the enemy's own impulsiveness began the process by which even a smaller French army could defeat the enemy's forces one by one.[29]

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    Re: Nappoleanic battlefield strategy

    OK I got one for ya, too:

    'The essence of strategy is, with a weaker army, to be able to exert greater force at the most critical point on the battlefield than the enemy is able to successfully withstand in the time allowed.' - (Bonaparte)
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