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  • Heating fuel source

    Opinions on long term fuel sources and which provide the best return on investment. I'm primarily looking at heating/cooking but if there are multi-use fuels that last long I'm open to it.

    I know the least expensive will be wood. Problem there is the smell everyone will know your campsite/location and while it is renewable and you can collect while on the move it's a dead giveaway so if you weren't trying to be low key it works.

    LP, CNG or butane I think will last until the seals go bad. Low odor and long time storage with high heat output the big issue there is cost.

    I was wondering about those "Pellets" for Traeger grills or stoves/heaters that cabins use? The only issue there is how long they burn and the heat output.also the bulk and portability. Will these pellets degrade and fall apart over time or lose their effectiveness?

    I don't think solar/generator electric is viable because gasoline will not store long, same with diesel. I know some oils will last long and alcohol is renewable but I think the BTU's and cost are something to consider.
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    For long term a combination of solar/wind/micro-hydro would be the best solution. If you are worried about being found, then that will rule out any generator/wood/coal type solution. Keep in mind however, that any food cooking will carry for long range on the wind and can also give you away just as easily as the smoke from a wood fire.