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Ham & Pineapple Food Storage Dinner

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  • Ham & Pineapple Food Storage Dinner

    Ham & Pineapple Food Storage Dinner
    By Crystal Godfrey


    As much as I love discovering a delicious, new recipe, I love realizing that it can be made entirely from food storage even more! In fact, all of the ingredients from this recipe can be found in your food storage. It’s delicious, EASY, and done in about 20 minutes. I don’t know any kid that won’t love this sweet and tangy dinner. This recipe is destined to be your new weeknight dinner hero. You know, those go-to recipes that are made in a blink of an eye when life gets stressful.

    Now let’s talk about the RIGHT food storage ingredients to use in this recipe. The main ingredients are rice (that’s easy), ham, pineapple and green onions.

    Rice is rice, right? Well make sure you’re using non-instant rice, instant rice is way more expensive and if you’re looking to buy rice, the cheapest place to purchase is the LDS Cannery.

    The best ham to use is either SPAM (don’t judge, I actually really love SPAM…I hope we can still be friends, lol) or canned ham and NOT freeze-dried ham. Freeze-dried meat is on average $12 a pound, YIKES! And, especially with freeze-dried ham you need to use it or repackage it with in the month or it will go bad. I know and you will know when it is bad because it will smell bad and taste even worse.

    As for the pineapple, you’ll never go wrong using canned pineapple–especially in this recipe which also calls for pineapple juice. Canned pineapple is MUCH cheaper than freeze-dried pineapple. Case and point: an equivalent “20 oz. can” of freeze-dried pineapple costs $5.60, at the grocery store it’s easy under $2 and even cheaper if you catch it on sale. Plus, the canned pineapple comes with juice that you can drink or use in your recipe.

    Finally, those pesky green onions. First of all, you wouldn’t REALLY need them and you could use the dried onion flakes. Also, they are easy to grow. I actually used freeze-dried green onions that I purchased to try. They were okay, but nothing to write home about. They don’t have a lot of flavor and like most freeze-dried foods, they are expensive.
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