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You've gotta keep 'em seperated! (LTS food)

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  • You've gotta keep 'em seperated! (LTS food)

    I've been going through some of my earliest LTS foods and seeing how they fared. I've got mixed results.

    First off, I'll be frank in confessing that I didn't really put that much effort into string this stuff. I know that you're supposed to use Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, heat sealers, and what not. I took 2 40mm steel ammo cans which I washed and filled up.

    The first got a 20 gallon kitchen garbage bag for a liner, a 20 lb bag of rice, and bags of dry beans adding up to about 20 lbs. I folded over the garbage bag and tucked it into the side of the contents.

    The second got a garbage bag liner and 2 20 lb bags of rice. It too, was folded and tucked before having the lid sealed.

    20 years later, I openned them and started consuming them. The rice in both bags was perfect, but the beans, which were all stored in the same container as the rice, were all so desicated and dried that they were inedible, regardless of how long they were cooked. I assume that the rice sucked all the moisture out of the beans and they would have been edible if they were stored seperately. They might still have been good if they were cooked in a pressure cooker.

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    Re: You've gotta keep 'em seperated! (LTS food)

    That's good to know and I am surprised that the rice was still good after 20 years. Heck, did they even have mylar bags 20 years ago.


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      Re: You've gotta keep 'em seperated! (LTS food)

      Sorry to say but beans do not store well at all unless they are in an oxygen-depleted atmosphere. Have yet to finish emptying the storage unit but already opening some cans of dehydrated foods and finding many of them are toast. Pasta and sugar seem to be okay (sugar's hard as a rock of course, but can be recrushed) but the veggies are destined for the burn pile.

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        Re: You've gotta keep 'em seperated! (LTS food)

        Originally posted by gundog10 View Post
        That's good to know and I am surprised that the rice was still good after 20 years.
        Rice has a shelf life measured in dacades, and if properly stored, centuries!

        I've made pasta one of my LTS storage items too. I specifically stock up and rotate angel hair past. It is very dense for storage purposes, cooks fast, and is edible with almost any flavor or even just some oil and dried herbs added to it.