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  • rice rice baby!

    We go through alot of rice at our home. It is undoubtedly the single most important part of my LTS food preps That's mostly due to its low cost, ease of storage, long shelf life, and high nutritional and caloric value.

    But we aren't Asian, and eating rice frequently isn't that natural for us, so this is what we doo:

    I usually make a 1/2 cup of fried rice about once a week. We eat it as a side dish for a couple meals, and when it starts to get old, I clean out the fridge and mix the old leftovers up with the rice and feed it to my chickens or dog. In a post collapse situation, I'd add leftovers, scraps from butchering small game, bug infested food, and even insects to the dog's rice. Our rice would be a staple, supplemented with game, foraged items, and carefully rationed MREs.

    I have a big 3 gallon glass jar that I keep on my kitchen counter top
    for the rice. It holds a 20 lb bag of rice perfectly. The rice we're consuming now was put into LTS about 20 years ago. All I did then was to put 2 20 lb bags of enriched white rice in a 40mm ammo can and seal it up. No moisture or O2 absorbers, to vacuum or inert gas.

    The rice is still fresh and palatable, No one knows that it is "old".