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    Make-Do Cooking for Preppers
    Posted on November 21

    It is a few years in the future and due to world financial collapses and wars over resources, most of us are dependent on our food storage and what we can grow or scrounge. Make-Do Cooking is the standard; you use what you have and are thankful for it.

    Rules for Make-Do Cooking

    No complaining, you use what you have.
    Be a bit of a risk taker when it comes to making substitutes in old recipes or inventing new ones.
    Learn how to cook by feel. Know what a cup of flour feels like. Donít be dependent on measuring spoons and cups.
    Get use to checking your food, you will not have the fancy electronics you once had to measure or time your cooking.
    If you are buying or trading, be sure of what you are getting. There are no consumer protection laws. Is that plaster mixed in with the flour that youíre trading for?
    With Make-Do Cooking keep your recipes simple and write them down for future use.

    With Make-Do Cooking, you use whatever is available. For example, here is an old pioneer recipe for root vegetable pasties.


    1 onion chopped
    3 potatoes, cooked and mashed
    3 carrots sliced
    2 turnips, cooked and mashed
    Whatever herbs, spices, salt and pepper you have on hand.

    Mix the vegetables, adding anything else you have, for example meat or cheese.

    Make enough pie or pasties dough to make two pies. Cover Ĺ of a pie with the vegetable mixture and fold the other Ĺ over the top. Now seal the pasties by wetting the edge of the dough and pressing it with the times of a fork. Poke a couple of holes in the top to let the steam out and cook until golden brown.

    You can make smaller pies if you have a large family, so they can take what they can eat and you have no waste. During these times, you will be saving every scrap of food you have, so think smaller portions for a no waste meal.

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