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Winchester 722X Air Gun first confirmed kill

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  • Winchester 722X Air Gun first confirmed kill

    Racoon that is. I wondered wether it had enought power for a hunting arm. It is accurate to about 1" out to 30 yards with iron sights and has great power for an airgun. I (and my neighbors) have a racoon problem. They climb on my roof,crap all over and tear it up pretty bad. Caught 3 up there tonight. Was able to only get a good shot on 1 though. Used Daisy 22 cal premium grade pointed field pellets ( Walmart). Total penetration but no expansion. He was about 8 lbs and dropped like a rock. Range was about 15 yards and hit him in the neck head area. This is one great buy in an airgun, I got mine for $80 out the door. I don't think the Beemans or RWSs' would have killed any better. See ya Joe

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    Tubby Is that a pump air rifle or a CO2?


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      That is a spring piston. You have to cock the barrel and load a pellet. If you go to Daisy's website you can see a pic. It looks like they are out of stock due to high demand and I can see why.


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        I might have find one of those for the tree rats near my shop!!!


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          I would try a flat or HP pellet. a good .22 should be able to get some expansion out of a pellet such as this, as pellets are from pretty soft lead(think they're pure lead, rather than an alloy). Even if not though, I know the Beeman SWCHP out of my .177 seem to do well on squirrels. they penetrate some, but not too far, and seem to transfer the energy well. and the same is true of the flat nosed pellets out of my .22 co2 pistol

          FWIW, the .177 rifle is a multipump Daisy Powerline


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            When i was growing up, I was the equivilant of Daniel Boone with my pellet gun. Took everything from squirell, rabbit to the occasional coon(rare).

            Nowdays, im in favor of this same type of air rifle, the ones that break-over. Some are pretty darn close to a 22short or 22lr !