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Snow Tires for off road use?

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  • Snow Tires for off road use?

    Since snow tires usually have heavier treads than standard radial tires could they be used year round on a 2WD vehicle especially for off road use (dirt roads)? Are there any disadvantages other than noise from having snow tires on all the time?


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    I think you could expect a few miles less per gallon. They also tend to wear faster on pavement than normal radial tires.


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      A good alternative to snow tires are the AT or All Terrain tires found on many SUVs. The next step up from them are MT or Mud Terrain, these are the common off road tires you see. They are pretty loud to drive on and will wear faster. A good AT tire will do most things you need both on and off road.


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        I agree with Master Cylinder, stick with a good AT tire. I can personally recommend the BF Goodrich All Terrain. I put 70,000 on a set with my ext cab 8' bed 4x4. great tire and good value. If your just on dirt roads consider the BF Goodrich Long Trail. they rate higher milage, and are a little less aggressive. Perfect for dirt/fire roads. UW


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          The kind of tire you need will depend on what type of terrain you intend to cross off road. In arid climates the all terain tires will do fine. However if you are in serious mud nothing short of 'gumbo mudder' type tires will do. They make ALOT of noise BTW. Consider that in many SHTF senarios the climate could be different than normal (nuclear, global warming, ice age, asteroid, etc.)