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Altiod kit needs clean water

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  • Altiod kit needs clean water

    I've been working on my Altoid mini survial kit. I think I have all the bases covered. For fire needs I've packed 1sm Bic lighter,12 strike anywere matches,4 birthday candles. Food is 1 p38 can opener,1 spool spider wire,6 fishing hooks,split shots,2 fur flies,5' snare wire. First aid is 4 banaids,4 alcohol wipes,4 safty pins,4 sewing needles,butterfly surtures. Tools are 1 wire saw,1sm folding knife,2 nails,550 cord wraprd on outside. I've put in HD tin foil to make a cup to gather and boil water in. I tried this today and it worked but I don't think it would last long maybe 2 to 4 times. I thought maybe a tabaco tin to put stuff in an then use tabaco tin to boil water in. But you'd have to take out gear every time and you might loose your gear that way. Also I don't think the tabaco tin would last long over fires. Any ideas?????? Also am I missing anything?

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    i think the best advice i have ever seen regarding water and the Altoid tin survival kit is to forget about it--short of some water purifying tabs.

    the hope is that you find a "pop can or bottle" somewhere to use.

    let me look for the link here...

    if those don't work, just have this forum show topics for last 100 days and it is on the second page of threads, under "altoid tin challenge"

    it is a good list. i really like the saw pouch survival kit, for several reasons--the biggest one is that it gives you more options for real survival in bad weather.

    be safe!


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      oh yeah.

      i like the saw puch one mostly cause it can be worn on the belt everyday, everywhere and not forgotten since it is on your "everyday belt."

      i always forget stuff that goes in my pockets as it is usually thrown about the table when i get home!


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        I( prefer the 'Saw' kit as well...ever spend 8 hrs sitting on an Altoids tin?