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I got one of them ABTRONIC devices...(Funny)

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  • I got one of them ABTRONIC devices...(Funny)

    Ok... I got bit by the infomercial on TV about the ABTRONIC device and got one...sue me..
    But in all aspect this thing really works... a little too well..
    I started out on the low setting and it was not enough to make my muscle twitch.. SO I moved on up into the medium level settings I found one that was working pretty good and I was comfortable with..
    I layed down on the bed and just relaxed and watched my belly jump for a while..

    The phone rang.. I had my water in the other hand so i had to reach across my chest with the opposite arm to get the phone.....BIG MISTAKE!!!

    I hit the level button again and the thing went into high voltage mode and it nuked me...
    The contration in my abbs was so intense that it lifted my upper body and my feet simutaneously off the bed and curled me up into the fetal postition every time the thing pulsed...It took me a minute to find the off button......this thing if not effective could be an awfully good torture device for interogations when TSHTF.. now I no how Rambo felt strapped to that spring mattress frame....

    It is ok go ahead and laugh.. I'm laughing now that it is over...

    Oh yeah one thing is that the tv was pretty much true I counted 600 contractions in a set of the fast pulses.

    It looks silly it feels weird.. but maybe it will have some benefit..I'll keep using it and see.

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    Funny.I can picture you curling up on the bed with the "OH ****" look on your face.
    I actually thought about getting one of these but then had 2nd thoughts.Let us know if this contraption gets you results.
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        that was just too funny..... sorry i just can't help myself here LOL Mac


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          Laugh but they do have some basis in science. I was the beneficiary of a electronic muscle stim unit for a while after my encounter with a drunk - ******* wrecked my ambulance pretty good too but I digress - and found out the hard way that the Russian stimulation setting is actually a torture setting devised by the KGB. While I was taking a very good charge tio get anything normally later in the course of treatments the PT tried that. OH MAN! Intense immediate leg cramp like you could not believe!

          I can easily imagine it doing that to you after my experience, and that was on a leg with diminished nervous response. I've no desire to experience labor so I'll take your word for it.


          Got sutures?
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            LMAO, I can just picture that in my head bro. Let me know if you get any results, I'm kinda curious about that thing too.


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                I can put this on a person's arm in the rigth place so that he punches himself on each pulse. Then I can stand back and say "Stop hitting yourself."

                A little note about ab exercise. You CAN make your ab mucles too thick and if you are not an all-out body-builder, you will have a gut without having a gut. It will be all mucle, but it will stick out like a beer belly.