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    The routine outlined here should be preformed twice daily. It will include rest days,something that you wont encounter once in Basic Training. In Basic Training and Infantry school you will get an occasional day where the focus of the physical training isnt as intense as it has been on previous days which will allow for some recovery. Rest days are included here because I think that you should take advantage of them while you can.
    Like I said,the routine should be preformed twice a day. I assume that most reading this have to spend at least 8 hours a day working at the local widget factory. I suggest you train before work and again when you get home. I know this will mean getting up eariler than you're used to and will probably mean you'll be going to bed later than normal too. Get used to it. If you lack the discipline to get out of bed early to train then you arent going to make it where you're headed anyway.Do yourself a favor and stay home,lay on the sofa and eat pizza.
    Forget about lifting weights. The ARMY doesnt want you to look like Arnold. When you're in the field you arent going to have access to the nutrition necessary to sustain that kind of mass anyway. I can tell you from first hand experience that as a grunt you dont want big bulky quads/hams. The first time that you strap on a loaded rucksack and start humping up a steep incline those big ol squat built thighs will pump up with blood(like they've been trained to)and will feel like they are 300lbs a piece within the first 100 yards. Those big inner sweeps that looks so impressive in a pair of shorts will start rubbing together and you'll have a chaffing rash that will have you so tender your crotch will feel like it's on fire. So leave the weight sets alone for awhile. For the most part,you'll be training with body weight only. Body weight is plenty. Trust me.
    Each exerise should be preformed and counted in four parts. The rep count for a side straddle hop(jumping jack)would be 1,2,3,..1 1,2,3,..2 1,2,3,..3 etc.
    1) side straddle hops...two sets 1x25 1x40
    2) squat thrust...two sets 1x25 1x50
    start from standing postion..1st count 1,squat down place hands down in front of you shoulder width apart..2..kick legs back assuming push up postion..3...return legs to postion 1...4...stand up
    3) mountain climber...two sets 1x25 1x50
    starting postion is the front leaning rest postion(push up postion)with the right leg bent so that the knee is below your chest 1..bring the left knee forward towards chest while driving the right leg back into the front leaning rest postion 2..left leg goes back ,right leg returns forward..3..right leg thrust back,left leg returns forward..4..return to the starting postion,right leg forward
    4) push ups 4 sets remember this is a 4 count exercise. 3x30 1x till you cant get your sorry ass chin up off my floor. While you do these,picture someone standing on your finger tips shouting at you...keep your back straight..get your knees off my damn you know what you look like? You look like a monkey screwing a football....recover
    5) pull ups (not done as a 4 count exercise) do 3 sets for as many as you can. Then switch to an underhand grip(chin up) and do 2 more sets. Finish by returning to the overhand grip and just hang from the bar for as long as you can. Squeeze the bar as hard as you're able while you're hanging. Do 2 sets of bar hangs.
    6) sit ups old fashion bent knee type. Your abs need work but so does your lower back. Do crunches and little frilly ab roller gimmicks on your own time. Electric muscle stimulation to build abs? Yeah..tape a toaster to your gut and jump in the shower.This is done as a 4 count. Do 2 sets x50
    7) The front leaning rest position. Get used to're going to spend a lot of time like this....assume the front leaning rest position and just hold it..dont move..keep your back straight..keep your knees off the're being shouted at again...hold the position...didnt I say keep your back straight?..Yoy do know what your knees are right? Well get them off the floor! Hold this position...recover when you have to....then do it again.
    8) The dying cockroach....lie flat on your back with your arms and legs held up. You should resemble a table that has been turned over. Hold the position...your arms and legs are starting to twitch right? Hold the position...see why it's the dying cockroach?...recover when you have to...then do it again.
    9) Go know what your capable of. A mile and a half I hope at least. Run further if you ability and time permits.
    All sets/reps can and will be increased as you're able. Tell me if it's to easy. There is another exercise we'll include but my time is up for now. Call this list workout "A".

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    So basically 30 push ups is really 120???
    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist, you’ll have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.


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      No..counts 1 and 3 your body is in the down position. Counts 2 and 4 you have returned to the starting position. So a 30 count is really 60 push ups.
      And the Hills of Yavapai are located in west/central Arizona.


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        Thats cool,I can handle 60 a pop.I'm really focusing on my form.I see too many guys that look like dying fish when doing push ups & I don't want that.Right around 85 I get real fatigued,I want to get up to 100 [this is where I was up to in the USAF].I'm gonna take a new approach to reach this goal.I'm gonna start doing smaller sets more often through out the day.Is this a good strategy or am I going backwards here?Thanks for all your help so far.Take care,NSS.

        Oh & thanks for the geography lesson.

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        If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist, you’ll have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.


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          Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here. This we'll call workout " B ". Workout B will include all of the exercises in workout A with the addition of one new exercise and a variation of another.
          In workout B all of your pushups will be done with your feet elevated. You can put them on a step,a block of wood,a bench...its up to you and your level of ability. The higher you go the more it hurts. If you are doing the workouts AM and PM you should be in the neighborhood of 400+ pushups each workout day. If you think you need to do some at lunchtime too..go for it. Dont omit just training yourself to hold the front leaning rest position. It will pay off.
          The new exercise is one that was taught to me many years ago by the late Boris( The Great) Malenko(sic). If you arent old enough to remember him you might have heard of his son Dean. Both were professional wrestlers. Boris called this the " Hindu Squat ". I wasnt going to argue with him. This exercise is easy to demonstrate but hard to describe.
          Start in a standing position legs about shoulder width apart, arms at your side with the palms rotated toward your body. Squat down and at the same time sweep your arms/hands up and foreward in a big circle. When you reach the bottom of the squat stand right back up...smoothly,dont bounce. Your arms should still be moving in that big circle. About the time you are standing erect again you arms should be back at your side where you began. Keep your feet flat on the floor. When you have done your first 4 or 5 reps you will be thinking "what kind of a sissy exercise is this anyway?" When you have done 30-40 reps you'll hate me. Remember,Boris Malenko was one of the toughest meanest SOBs of his time. Do 3 sets..repetitions? Until you wanna cry...
          Now go run...........


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            One question Lockjaww, are you a sadist?

            Truthfully, your input has been very helpful. --chirokid--


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              I'm gonna try it. I'll work it into my streching routing before I go to the gym today.
              If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist, you’ll have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.