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looking for a new safe

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  • looking for a new safe

    I'm thinking about this one. It's rated for 24 guns (should hold more like 40 rifles and 10 pistols) fire rated for 1/2 hour at 1200 degrees with 3 live locks (whatever that means) and 3 dead bolts. It's $600. Opinions? Alternatives?

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    IF YOU cant bolt it to something substantial then you will want it to weight A LOT...

    THieves who are coming for gun safes are usually armed with dollys and jacks and ropes. I have seen them actually dragged through doors with them attached to the bumper of a vehicle to get them out the door and outside. A LOT of damage because they could get a rope around it. IF you cant get it bolted into the house frame or floor you will want to weigh the bottom down with a LOT of lead. Make sure you are over a supported part of the floor and get that puppy up over 1000 pounds or so.
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      You really need to look into a better safe. I recommend one along the lines of a Ft. Knox, Champion, Liberty or Cannon.

      The safe to have in your post has exposed hinges. Once they are sawed off the door will lift right off. Buy one with the hinges hidden inside.

      Check the thickness of the front slab on the door. I'd bet that safe has a front slab no more than 1/8" thick. That can be peeled back within minutes with a couple of crow bars.

      If you're going to get a safe, don't buy one that will give you nothing more than a false sense of security.