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Need input on best load bearing set-up

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  • Need input on best load bearing set-up

    Here goes:
    I have three sets of ALICE Y-suspenders and belts. I have one each set up for AK, FAL and SAR-3 .223.

    I use M14 mag pouches for the FAL, ALICE style AK pouches and M16 pouches for the .223.

    Each set up has holster and almost identical incidentals other than the mag pouches.

    I want one set up that can handle changes of caliber quickly.
    Wrestling with the alice clips and changing the mag pouches out is somewhat of a pain in the *ss and time consuming.

    From the looks of the molle gear it may just be the huckleberry that I am looking for.

    I was considering a vest with the molle attachments. It would appear that some the 'stock' mag pouches should fit the AK/SAR-3 mags just fine. My theory is I can use my M14 pouches if necessary with ease on the molle vest.

    Input? Help?

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    John Willis will build you a MOLLE modular vest for $225.00 that will be bomb-proof and warrantied for life.

    Best gear I've ever bought.


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      Do you already have pouches?

      I have the MESA vest that's a MOLLE vest, and has optional belt attachment loops and integrated hydration pocket.

      I have OD and black in stock. I can also do better than my normal price on them, too.

      Finally, to add to Hoss' statement, John is the man when it comes to building gear. He's expensive, and takes a while, but it's worth it from everyone I've spoken to.

      Also consider High Speed Gear, SOTech, and, if you can find it, Eagle Industries gear.


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        I have been running SOE and SOTech. I like the SOTech Hellcat MK2 with the split front. Without any pouches it will hold 6 AR mags. If you are running something other than an AR you can convert one of the internal mag pouches into a holster. I have been running the SOTech Hellcat MK4 with a Specter Shingle, a Blackhawk 2 pocket M4 pouch, and various other pouches. It gives me 9 30rnd AR mags, 4 20rnd AR mags, for prone, 3 extra Sig 226 mags, and pouches for binoculars, blowout kit, laser range finder, camelback, and misc tools. It is comfortable and built like a tank. I have been running this setup as a spotters rig in some tactical shoots and it works well for me.

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          You all know me, Tacgear is the sh^t !!!


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            As far as manufacturers go, I wouldn't rule out Blackhawk either, good bang for the buck IMO.

            I just got a BHI plate carrier harness in ACU (or ARPAT as they call it), seems like a nice rig, I still need pouches for it though and plates of course, but I can't afford them for now.

            Your basic options for MOLLE compatible rigs are chest rigs, vests, LBE harnesses (suspenders and a belt) and body armor carriers (hard, soft).
            I guess it all depend on what you need it for (high or low speed) and how you are traveling (on foot, in a vehicle) and many other factors like what you want to carry ON the rig (how much ammo, radios, gas mask, butt pack, grenades, first aid, E&E, water etc).

            There are mag pouches that will carry AK (7.62 & .223) and AR mags, but I don't know how well they'll accept FAL mags.
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