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Motorola or Midland?

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  • Motorola or Midland?

    I'm looking for a pair of 5 watt FM radios for informal communication. Is there any real difference between these two brands such as quality issues or noise filters, etc.?
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    Also consider Yaesu, Icomm and Kenwood. Those are the Big 3 in HAM radios.


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      To answer your question, for FRS or GMRS, no, there's no real difference between the two, though I've always opted for Motorolas.


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        Avoid FRS/GMRS like the plague.
        We had an emergency situation that popped up while out in the hills and they failed miserably. In some cases we were able to communicate out to only a couple hundred yards.
        We're looking into Icom F60's and repeaters.
        FRS/GMRS is great for the mall or anytime your cell phone will back you up for emergencies but otherwise I don't trust them for anything else.