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molle compatable e-tool holder?

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  • molle compatable e-tool holder?

    i havent seen any of these around...and ive actually looked. i really like e-tools. i cant think of too many things that are as versitile as an e-tool (its not only a shovel, its a weapon, an axe, a crude saw, a hammer, etc.) so i took out a couple malice clips, measured out on the alice e-tool holder and started cutting 1-1/4" X 3/16" slots at one inch increments on the outsides of the alice clip slots. aside from the pain in the @$$ that malice clips inevitably provide especially putting them through rubber, i got it done and i only stabbed myself three times.

    anyways, i got it on my pack (no im not one of those guys that straps every piece of equipment i own onto my vest) and it looks great. honestly, it only took about an hour and a half and putting it on the pack was more trouble than actually doing the cuts. does anyone know of an after market holder that i couldve bought that might have saved me this trouble? just curious.

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    Gerber has come out with one, new to me, no idea about the price though, but I'm sure your way is cheaper [img]smile.gif[/img]
    I've tried cutting a USGI E-tool holder to accept a Fiskars (Gerber) folding shovel (with not so good results), now it seems it was in vain.

    Linky to addy
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      I believe Eggroll of EGL used to make some. He probably still does, or he could make one on request.


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        i think i would change the dimensions of the slots if i did this again or told someone to do it. id make the slots 1/4" X 1-1/4" and place them every 7/8". i think it would make installing it much easier but i guess thats why some of use like to do this sort of thing; to find out what works and what doesnt.


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          Re: molle compatable e-tool holder?

          i just got my molle etool holder from diamondback tactical (battlelab) about two weeks ago. its great. i highly recommend the company. it was back ordered but it did eventually show up. great peice.