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My First Sniper Ghillie

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  • My First Sniper Ghillie

    Here a sneak peak, still working on it.



    Almost five tubes of shoe-goo.


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    Never has stop raining outside, so here a few quick pictures.

    Also added to boony hat, not pictures.

    What do yeah think?



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      Take it outside and lay it down in your AO's vegetation and you'll know how good your doing.

      Otherwise, seems allright to me.


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        Went ahead and removed the black and placed a lighter color in it place, ran out of stringy burlap, will have to purchased some more.

        But managed to get all the black replaced out of jacket and pants.



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          removing the black was my first impression about the suit. black doesnt appear too often in nature. thats why the army has abandoned in in the ACUs. any black that is is needed will be supplied by shadows. but that was the only thing i could see that would need fixed. good job TG!


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            Thanks, being a newbie at making ghillie suits, do have ideas already on making my next one.

            I really enjoyed making this one, pictures doesnt do it justice.

            Once I get more materials, will make a gun wrap and a cover for my back pack.

            TG [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              dont forget about the most important part of a guille...native foliage. this more than color will improve its effectiveness. anything from hay, moss, corn stalks, leaves, or trash. anything thats laying on the ground in your ao should be included into your guille. however its important not to overdo it either. when you get your next one done be sure to post pix.


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                I'd ordered some more died Jute string, going to make a gun wrap,back pack cover, also cover for my drag bag, also add to existing sniper ghillie.

                I'd removed the black and placed lighter colors in it place, now Im going to replaced the dark brown.

                Will post some pictures here before long.



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                  Hi all, many of you have seen my first build, over the weekend I'd ordered online four pounds of Jute string, it should be here later this week.

                  I'd replaced the black jute, also considering replacing all the brown, Im very pleased with my first sniper ghillie.

                  Here my question, do you guys feel that the hood/top half need to be as much in this picture?

                  Right now, Im awfully close to that much, but Im considering adding more.

                  Your input is much appreciated, reason I'd ordered more Jute is to make rifle rap & a cover for my back pack & maybe my sniper drag bag.




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                    This is what it looks like now, looking to make some changes.

                    Back arms down,

                    Arms up,

                    Front arms down,

                    Front arms up,

                    What do yeah think of it so far?