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    ok guys, i have one child that has flew the nest. i have convinced my wife that i need that spare bedroom to store my gear in. (backpaks, mre,ammo in cans, safes, odds and ends.) the safes are no problem. she has suggested however, that the bed will stay in case some one comes to visit. the problem is she does not want the stuff in the open or to have plastic bins stacked up. the closet is small and the bed sits rather high. can some one give me some ideas on how to store my stuff in a neat and sightly manner.

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    1) Put up a curtain dividing part of the room.
    2) Buy a small poly garden closet or armoir and assmble it in the room.
    3) Buy a old piece of crap entertainment center and fill it with the small stuff
    4) Buy a kitchen cabinet and install it on one wall. You can even recycle an old one from a kitchen remodelling project and paint it a nuetral color
    5)Make slip covers for the safes to hide them. et them apart with a space between them and place an appropriately sized piece of 3/4 inch plywood on top of them. you can even screw hooks into the plywoos and hang stuff from then and cover the entire thing with another slip cover when company is using the room.


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      put it in the shed?