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best lightweight tan boots?

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  • best lightweight tan boots?

    I'm looking for a set of the lightweight tan/desert boots to use with some of the training I do at my job. I see lots of companies making them in the 3lb range, which is what I want to supplement my heavier Danners and Belleville's.

    They don't need to be Army-approved for the use I have in mind. Primary use is a mix of eastern woodland (some rockiness included) and semi-urban terrain.

    BUT, I've seen some feedback on brands that don't hold up to non-armchair use. Some look all light and highspeed and non-boot like (I see some from Rocky and Converse and Oakley, for example), but I hear they simply don't last.

    Anyone have personal recommendations to make?

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    I have heard only good things on Wellco TUFFkushion boots, so maybe the desert version would suit your needs?


    I have a pair of Wellco TUFFkushion jungle boots waiting for me @ customs that I'm gonna go get tomorrow, I'll tell you my hands on first impressions when I get them.
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      I used to sell the Wellcos, and I have about 5 different pair of their boots, including 2 pair of the TUffkushion desert boots.

      Comfortable and long-lasting for the most part. I had a couple of customers over in the sandbox who had a couple of seam separation issues, but that occurred with one particular batch that Wellco had a problem with.


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        if your not afraid to spend the money i like the blackhawk boots or 511


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          LA Police Gear is having a closeout sale on Bates M6 and M9 desert boots for $44.99. These are outstanding boots, and that sale price is unbelievable. Here's a link to them: