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  • Custom Gear Makers?

    Any left?

    I had some work done a while back by Roger at Custom Tactical--and the quality of the build was impressive. But there seems to have been a merger or buyout (I'm not sure which), and whoever is doing the work now isn't up to par...Utah Creations??

    Who's out there still taking on custom builds?
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    The very best in the industry, John Willis of Special Operations Equipment.

    He can do anything you want, in any pattern camo you want. Just remember, custom costs and takes time. You can email him direct at


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      Very cool! Thanks, Hoss...
      Media vita in morte sumus


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        What? Roger isn't doing work anymore? That really sucks...he did excellent work.

        You can also get some good work done, at reasonable rates, with a local Phoenix guy. I'll see if he has "commercial" contact info and post here....

        But here's something interesting, at his website:

        "To our valued customers: Beware of our imitators. If it doesn't have our logo tag attached - it's not our product. is the only official website for Custom Tactical Creations...."


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 now seems to no longer be a valid address. However Google's cache is a wonderful thing. that douchebag's address is now something different, and he has a disclaimer on that old website that he is

          Please do Not Confuse our Custom Tactical Creations Site with a Site with a Similar name from Minnesota

          We are in NO WAY Associated with them in any Way.

          I have been Custom Manufacturing Tactical Gear Since 1992
          I went to the website and he has a whole lot of nice airsoft tactical stuff...he even calls it that.

          And for someone who has been making this stuff for over 15 years, he certainly was late to the Internet game to register his "website". From GoDaddy for

          "Record created on 27-Mar-2006."

          Folks, save your money with that guy.

 is THE place to get ahold of Roger


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            There are still many custom makers around.


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              I'm curious what gear y'all get custom. I've never been too picky and have always been able to find what I need commercially produced.


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                True, there are, but Roger is quite good, and very reputable, at least for me and folks I know who've use him.

                I had him make up .308 mag pouches that are similar to the MLCS-style pouches, holding 4 mags, total. I had them made for re-sale.


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                  I'd like a shoulder carry shotshell pouch that has shell loops, unfolds to allow access to shells. I'll check to see if I can get something of this sort made.
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                    I heard from Roger with Custom Tactical Creations. The guy in Utah decided he'd try and make a go of it using the same name as Custom Tactical Creations. Roger, being a businessman, sicced his lawyers on the guy, who ended up shutting down that domain and putting the reference up saying they weren't affiliated with the guy in WI (Roger).