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Maxpedition's new Colossus Versipack (v. the Jumbo)

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  • Maxpedition's new Colossus Versipack (v. the Jumbo)

    Maxpedition has recently introduced their new Colossus Versipack. This is an upsized Jumbo Versipack in many ways, adding some features that make it a little more versatile than the Jumbo, but with some differences that detract ever so slightly from it.

    As you can see in the pictures, they are close in size. However, the Colossus has many more pockets and such inside it allowing for more compartmentalization of gear and items stored. Additionally, it has MOLLE webbing on the sides instead of a zippered pocket and Nalgene pouch like the Jumbo. You can see in other pics that this adds some flexibility in how you can configure the Colossus for actual use. The bottom of the Colossus has MOLLE webbing too, but I didn’t bother to put anything on it, since the webbing goes side-to-side, requiring placement of pouches to be front-to-back, if that makes sense.

    The Colossus also has something the Jumbo doesn’t…an additional pocket on the very back. This is set up with hook material so you can place a Maxpedition or other Velcro™ style holster in it, freeing up the “slot pocket” in the back of the main portion of the pack, where the Jumbo now carries a firearm. This frees that zippered slot pocket on the Colossus to be used for maps, books, etc., and also keep your firearm a bit more readily accessible than the zippered pocket. That also means the firearm isn’t as covert, since you could see the grip of a larger pistol.

    I tried several methods of loading both bags….one way as a magazine carrier for AR and AK mags, the other as a medical bag, and another as a quasi-BOB. In the latter method, the Colossus outdoes the Jumbo.

    In my opinion, if strictly used as a mag carrier, the Jumbo wins out, since the wider main pocket allows one to stuff a couple more magazines into it, while still allowing carry of a few items in the outer pockets. You can see how I could fit more AR and AK mags into a Jumbo than a Colossus.

    JUMBO - AR Mags


    JUMBO - AK Mags


    As strictly a medical bag, they’re about equal. The Colossus has more cubic inches of space, so you could carry more medical gear. How much more is up to you.

    It’s as a quasi-BOB that I think the Colossus shines, mostly due to the outside MOLLE webbing.

    As you can see in the pictures, you can attach any MOLLE compatible pouch on the outside. I set it up with 2 Tactical Tailor double AR mag pouches, then one could use the bag for a blowout kit and some survival gear and food. The rear pocket of the Colossus can hold a 50oz hydration reservoir if you didn’t have a firearm there.

    I also set it up with a Tactical Tailor Medic Pouch on a TT Tear-away panel on one side, a 2 mag ammo pouch on the other. This would give me my medical and some ammo, and the inside could be filled with whatever…more ammo, food, water purifier, blow-up doll, twizzlers, trashbags, whatever your heart and imagination can come up with.

    I am going to have to play with the Colossus a bit more to see what else I can come up with. Since I carry a Jumbo in my truck with medical gear, and a Camelbak Demon as my “get me home” bag, I was initially wondering how I could use a Colossus. I may work to try and consolidate all that into it, allowing for just one bag. However, to do that would mean losing some water, since the Demon has a 2L (72oz) reservoir, whereas the Colossus can carry a 50oz reservoir…seemingly not a large difference, unless you’re trekking through the Sonoran desert.

    At the very end are the specs from the Maxpedition website on the two bags.


    Main: 10”h x 8”w x 5d” padded sides and bottom, front and back internal pockets
    Top: 6” x 5” x 1” thick with internal pocket and elastic loops
    Front: 8” x 7” x 1.5” thick with various pockets
    Rear CCW pocket: 9” wide x 11” deep with 7” x 8” loop field
    Back CCW pocket: 9” wide x 11” deep with 7” x 8” loop field, hydration compatible
    Shoulder strap: Ambidextrous with shoulder pad
    Empty weight: 34.2 oz
    Available colors: Black, Green, Khaki, Digital Foliage Camo

    For those who need something larger than their Jumbo™, we now offer the COLOSSUS™ Versipack™, a bold new, no-holds-barred approach to Maxpedition’s battlefield-proven shoulder sling concept.

    Large yet manageable, the COLOSSUS™ has main and secondary compartments each filled to the gills with internal pockets and dividers. The frontal compartment features an additional lower zipper opening to access items at the bottom. Beaucoup attachment points line both exterior sides while rear and back sleeve compartments both contain 7” x 8” loop fields for CCW accessories allowing users to carry a handgun or three. The back compartment can also accommodate a 50 oz. hydration reservoir. The COLOSSUS™ is bells and whistles galore, and designed for those who want a myriad of value added features and expandability. Use it as a grab-and-go bail out bag, mini range bag, or for everyday carry.

    Due to its complexity and labor-intensive nature, the COLOSSUS™ is a “Special Project” which will be produced only on a limited basis. Low production numbers on this pack mean the COLOSSUS™ will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you must have one, reserve it today from your Authorized Maxpedition Dealer.

    Main : 9"h x 9"h x 3"d with front and back subdividers
    Frontal : 7" x 6.5" x 1.5" with mesh divider and internal keyper
    Side A : 6" x 3.5" x 2" with divider and double zippers to accommodate antenna
    Side B : 7" x 3.5" diameter with cinch (can be compacted for low profile carry)
    Top of lid pocket : 6.5" x 3" x 1"
    Shoulder : Integral 2" strap (min 40" / max 60") with non-slip shoulder pad
    Attach : Velcro quick release belt loop
    Optional accessories : Hook & Loop Modular Accessories Grimloc Carabiner Color Options : Black / OD Green / Desert Tan / Digital Foliage Camo

    Point (1) The JUMBO's main compartment is over 35% larger than the Fatboy. In addition, it has three zippered accessory pockets, two sleeve pockets, and one drawstring pocket fitted for a 32oz/1L Nalgene water bottle or a radio. The Jumbo has three places for modular expansion with other Maxpedition accessories using Malice clips. External keyper on shoulder strap for gloves and internal silent keyper for keys.
    Point (2) The JUMBO's rear slip compartment is now equipped with large loop Velcro patches to accommodate our Hook & Loop Modular Accessories (e.g. #3501 Universal Modular Holster, sold separately). This allows the user to position their concealed carry firearm for a quick strong side draw or weak side cross draw.

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    Does this sling the same way as the Jumbo, over one shoulder?

    I was going to buy the jumbo but now Im thinking about this one, only thing Im wondering is how much weight can u put on one shoulder before that shoulder is hurting.

    I like the one shoulder design because of the ease of getting it on and off. Im planning on using one as my hunting pack and one as my "go bag" to me my "go bag" is something that I can grab and throw on fast, I have whole packs loaded with gear but if Im sitting home during a major hurricane and the roof goes or the walls blow out I dont see grabbing a fullsize pack where I can see having the Jumbo or Goliath on during the worst part of the storm.


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      Yes, it's an over the shoulder bag like the Jumbo. While it appears to be a great bag, realize it's significantly more expensive than the, because it's much more involved in terms of the sewing and, second, it's apparently a limited run item (but I don't know what quantity that means).


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        Originally posted by LoneGunman:
        ... only thing I'm wondering is how much weight can you put on one shoulder before that shoulder is hurting.
        It is not really an issue of the shoulder hurting. What should concern you more is the pressure being placed on the back from one side - that of the bag itself.

        Having used a well packed and "loaded" (Glock 26)Jumbo Versipak one weekend, I found my spine was being kinked to one side. Not fun.
        - A backpack style is better at distributing the load.

        I am now thinking about ordering something smaller.


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          Excellent post. Can I have one for free? [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Of course. However given gas prices, shipping for the item will be $114.00

            Let me know how you want to pay for shipping for your free Colossus. [img]smile.gif[/img]