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  • Medic vests and aidbags

    Looking to pick up a medic vest and aid bag. We used Blackhawk aid bags at 68W school, but they are a bit pricey...are there any alternatives? If I have to spring for the Blackhawk to get the quality, I will, but there has got to be other options out there.

    The vest, I'm not sure about. I'm looking for something that'll hold a few mags, but also some of the medical supplies I'll need to hands on quick...tourniquets, IV stuff, Israeli bandages, etc. Again, aside from some quick Google searches, I'm not quite sure what all the options are.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    for the vest i would go molle. that way you can change it all you want when you change your mind and figure out what works and doesnt. i dont know how many times ive had mine apart. there are some utility pouches that are big enough to hold a 1000ml iv bag. you just have to pay attention to the dimensions.

    as for as the bag is concerned i have no idea. i wont even try to sound like i know what im talking about. maybe you can ask in the medic forum.


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      I used the blackhawk STOMPII in the field. It has a crap load of room, but taking it on and off again becomes a hassle.

      I use a cutaway medical pouch platform for MY OWN aid pouch. Seen here:

      For my BLS/ALS bag I use the M-3 bag seen on this page:

      Simple, light, space for everything. Remember you don't need to carry sutures and time intensive stuff into the field. Carry mostly BLS, and some light ALS supplies such as IVs etc. Don't carry a thousand pounds of med gear either. I carry refills of fluids and needed materials in my third line pack. So I have the option to refill if needed without the burden of extra weight.


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        The Israelis made a Medic Vest that is nearly identical to the Recon Vest listed on my website, but with 2 1L IV pockets, one on each side. If that sounds at all interesting, then I can email you some pics. I only have a couple left, which is why I don't advertise it on my site.