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best MREs and source for same?

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    That's a good link Tim, but like alot of things you can at least double the conservative estimates which are the minimums they make out of liability concerns. I was still occasionally seeing (and eating) dark brown wrapper MREs in the supply chain in 2000 and they were discontinued after the first gulf war.

    I went to a gun show awhile back and someone had Vietnam dated C-rats for sale. One adventurous old nam vet boought one and proceeded to eat the apricots. He wasn't sick at the end of the show that day or the next, although he did say (with a little wry grin) that he remembered them tasting better.

    I read plenty of stories about Vietnam era soldiers eating WWII dated C rats as a matter of course, and they weren't even irradiated like MREs are today.

    Bottom line is that as long as it isn't swollen or smell bad when you open it, old MREs will still be safe to eat, even if they taste a little gross.


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      I'd tried some 10+ year old MREs stored in a tin storage shed.

      Everything was still good enough to eat, except the candy.

      Really surprised any of it was good, due to various temp.