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OK..rambo jokes aside.....practical to add a shotgun...

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  • OK..rambo jokes aside.....practical to add a shotgun...

    to your battery on foot...

    i'm thinking no b/c of weight and weight of ammo (a 55 round bandoleer ain't light)

    but i can think of a lot of times and reasons, different ammo where it could come in handy...

    or maybe a mad max model?


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    Well, shotgun ammo is easy to come by, and in survival situation it would be plentiful so why not?
    A pistol gripped shotgun, while not the best option as far as shotguns go, does not weight much, and should work OK for close quarters applications. But in this case it would be sort of like carrying a flare gun, you wouldn't be carrying a lot of ammo (like for you main gun(s), just enough for special occasions, so as not to add too much bulk and weight.
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      In fact it is the only weapon you NEED! It's hard to harvest a pheasant with a .223 or any game bird for that matter. A shotgun can harvest larger game, breach doors, burn down a field, slice and dice your food before it even hits the ground. IMO not being H, it's the best weapon for survival and due to it's lower threat value odds are the guy with the sniper rifle will understand you are gathering food and in a defensive mode not Rambo.

      The only other weapon you just have to carry is a .22 anything else is extra and needed for specialty situations.


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        I agree- it is the most versatile rig for survivial for the already mentioned reasons. But it has one exception- static survival self-defense, where any slightly competent adversary will outrange you with any centerfire rifle.

        On the move, that disadvantage is nothing too major. After all, you can use terrain and mobility to help offset that disadvantage. But if you have something you want to defend, a shotgun alone can put you at a deadly disadvantage. I've been in situations where the other guy can reach you but you can't reach back- and it sucks mightily.

        Don't get me started on the M4 again... [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          DB, I had to decide which might occur most often: Me in a running gun battle or me getting hungry. Decided that with luck, I MIGHT be able to avoid getting into a fight, getting hungry is unavoidable. I can defend myself if forced into a fight with a shotgun, small game taking with any serious rifle will be next to impossible. If nothing else, you might consider adding a youth model New England single shot scatter gun to your carry load. It might keep you from starving and won't add much bulk or weight.
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            Moving to T&S!