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Carrying shotshells?

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  • Carrying shotshells?

    There are all sorts of pouches, vests, etc for rifle magazines, not much made for carrying a decent amount of shotshells that I have found. I'm thinking of some kind of shoulder(musete sp?) bag or pouch that will allow me to grab and go. Some sort of fold down type with individual shell loops, needs to hold 25 or more rounds. Thanks!
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    Check Spectergear, Blackhawk, Cheaper than dirt.
    Theres many other sources out there also for shotshell holders/carriers.

    Just put shotshell holders carriers in a goggle search and you should be good to go!


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      just about any brand will have alice or molle pouches that hold about 10-12 rounds each. i have two on my vest right now from BHI.

      this sounds like about the amount of volume you are looking for but i have not heard of the brand

      this may be more mobile but pricier

      or if youre rambo

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        +1 on the shell bag idea. I have doo-dads on my shotgun because it is my primary weapon and needed a wide selection at my fingertips. Belts didn't work out too well for me as the shells get exposed to weather and sometimes snag on brush or worse fall loose from the belt. At one time I had the rambo look and it worked well right up until the shells got wet, then of course over time the elastic lost it's cling and more shells were lost to gravity not use.

        Pockets and shell bag work the best IMHO.


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          Duncan, been through the same. I hope to find something that will hold shells in place with no rattle, protected from rain, etc..I've seen fold down rifle and pistol cartridge carriers that would seem to be perfect if made for shotshells.
          "some people never let their given word interfere if something they want comes along"
          The real problem with the world are laws preventing culling.


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            How about a Blackhawk STRIKE bandoleer with a couple of your choice of MOLLE shotgun shell pouches. You would have room for some misc pouches to boot.
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              Have you considered a couple of the old Alice 12g pouches? The hold 12 rounds each in individual loops, within a covered pouch, and use standard alice LC-1 clips (or can be replaced with "Malice" clips).

              USCAV 12g ALICE Pouch

              Practical Tactical MALICE Clips Short

              Practical Tactical MALICE Clips Long

              Hope this helps.

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                I just found this, it holds 24 shotshells and is MOLLE/PALS compatible.


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                  I don't see how folks would realistically intend to use a shellbag in any sort of tactical application.

                  I assume a shoulder strap of some kind would let you sling it over a shoulder? Otherwise, toting it around in one hand is just silly.

                  But even with a sling, how would one keep it from banging around when moving? If you sling it, I could see it snagging or restricting access to other gear as well. If it has any sort of easy-access opening, how would one keep it oriented to preclude the shells from coming out? If it doesn't, how does one get to them quickly?

                  I've used both the MOLLE pouches shown above and a thigh-mounted dump pouch for tactical carry of shotshells, and found both setups work well. A good loadout might use a few of the pouches for specialty shells, and then the high-volume standard ones in the dump pouch.


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                    Just picked up one of these on ebay:


                    It has a removable elastic enclosure across the top that keeps the shells in but lets you get them out without any problem. Excellent quality.


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                      I have a similar dump pouch by Tactical Tailor. You get what you pay for, but I hope it works out for you.


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                        my 12ga is my primary also. i have a molle vest with 2 12rd pouches on it, 6rd side-saddle, and a 5rd butt cuff. i have 5 slugs in the butt cuff, 6 00 buck in the side saddle, and 12 of each in the pouches. 00 on top and slugs in the bottom pouch. i try to keep it organized so that its instinctive when it counts.

                        from the brass side, the 00 and the slugs look the same so just for clarity under duress, i put an "S" on the brass side of the slugs. its kind of silly but so am i.