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Are PAQ-4Cs rare or hard to get?

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  • Are PAQ-4Cs rare or hard to get?

    What is the scoop on these? I have a line on a one and want to know more before I buy it.

    I use them at work so I am very familiar with their function.

    What else can you guys tell me?

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    They are hard to get because they are government property. AFAIK, these are not sold on the civilian market, and rarely to LEO agencies (though there might be some).

    I welcome info to the contrary.


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      So it would be best to go another route for an IR laser?

      I don't need my uncle who writes my paychecks getting mad at me for buying someting of his from someone who shouldn't have it.


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        The problem is that while IR lasers are not illegal to own, they are regulated by the FDA (since they do not have a light or something to indicate they are turned on). Given that, and government "suggestions" most places will not sell IR lasers to non-LEO/MIL. is one place that does, and there's a guy on that will modify your current laser to be IR, but I don't have a link to that.


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          That would be

          He sells Wolverine IR lasers. They are similar to Surefire, and you can use a Surefire pressure switch on them. They are pretty inexpensive too.