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    Original GI issue P-38 can openers? These are getting very hard to find! At one time I had probably two dozen, I've given them away to the point I'm about given out! I'd like to find a dozen or so.
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    You might try an army surplus store? Ours has them for about .25 a pop. When I buy a case of veggies or other canned goods, I take one and cover it in petrol jelly then use clear pack tape to attach it to one of the cans followed by plastic shrink wrap. Keeps everything solid until time to rotate in the new cans. I gave up using them and now use the swiss army knife campers model it has everything one may need.


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      Ive never ordered from these guys, so i cant vouch for'em. They have a toll free number, you could call'em up and check'em out.

      $0.50 -- P-38 Can Opener, canned ration opener


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        My Dad still keeps his on his key chain from 1968
        He said when guys wore them on their tags, you could slap them on the chest for a little joke
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