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  • ECWS Tent

    Does anyone have views on the ECWS Tent made by The North Face? Thanks!

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    I don't see how you could go wrong with anything made by North Face, some of their gortex gear is top of the line BUT THE PRICE.. The price puts this way out of my league. Now given it's good and anything built well might be expensive, I can't see how you could have a problem with them.

    The ECWS style tent I have for cold weather is a dual linned model, the unit inflates and forms a barrier between you and the outdoors, strange thing is you can use internal flex ribs and use the same inflation system in the summer for AC when you open the baffles. With a positive air flow that can be filtered in an emergency I couldn't pass it up for that use alone. Gosh I am spoiled but mine takes a power source. Mine came with a reversable woodland camouflage and arctic snow style fly that can cover the dome, the inner layer serves as a moisture vebt while the outter barrier and is fire-resistant water repellent ripstop nylon, I couldn't afford the Gortex style models out there.

    There are lots of models out there, but this one I had to go with not that I carry battle gear, but with a family and their need for comfort it made sense because for the price I pay for a motel/hotel then the loss of camping I thought it would be fun and it has been. Hope this helps but shop around as I needed things to be versitle and serve multiple purposes. Remember if there is an event you need to make a changing room so your shelter remains clean.