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Old style smelly kerosene lanterns.

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  • Old style smelly kerosene lanterns.

    Just had a thought based off a weird dream last night.

    Mosquitoes were eating me alive as I tried to do yard work. Not a fun dream but I used up all of my bug spray and the wife wouldn’t let me in the house in the dream. (Yes I dream in color, smell things like bug spray and feel bites)

    Now onto the discovery on waking.

    If you have any of the old style kerosene lanterns have you noticed the smell they make?

    I am sure you have but now the bad news the fuel has gone up around here we pay about $35 for a 5 gallon container at Lowes the low odor pure kind. It stinks anyway. Well in the Wal-Mart there are quart containers of tiki torch citronella fuel. It would make sense to me to use that fuel instead of the kerosene if you are outside. Then you will get the smell that drives away mosquitoes and pay less while still getting the light you want.

    Anyone tried this?

    It would also not get wet like the citronella candles do when they stay out on the patio as it rains also they won’t blow out due to the lantern and hurricane style glass.