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  • ATN night vision

    Anybody ever use any of their night vision optics and the 2 generation plus /

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    Yes, it's inexpensive for what you get. Nice thing they are not referb or aftermarket they sell to many stores and while they are not the best it's better then being blind at night. For the clarity the Gen III are better, I always wanted the Rifle scope setup this way I could put on the video headgear and see around corners LOL.

    There are many brands out there try them before you purchase, or at least get a number of opinions. I can't pay out the cash for something that would be used so little. Besides; I like to see what I am shooting at and when floodlights come on, bad guys get the idea they have been identified. If they don't then they are targets and the night vision gear won't do them too well when it's almost day. Besides most bad guys think that the darker spots or 'Blind' spots may be a safe area to retreat when the lights come on. NOT A GOOD IDEA!