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washing/reconditioning poncho?

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  • washing/reconditioning poncho?

    Just pulled mine out of the closet after a rather long storage, and it doesn't feel quite right. Do I need to do anything special to it for it to keep it's water repellent properties?

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    Is this a USGI poncho?

    If the rubber starts peeling off the nylon, you can't do anything to help it. If no rubber is peeling, you might be okay.


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      No rubber peeling, and yes, it is USGI. It's just kind of tacky.


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        You might try wiping it down with mild detergent and a rag, then string it up on a line to dry it out.

        Does it have that nice puke smell? If it does, I've heard that he stuff the scuba shops sell to deodorize their suits works, but I've never tried it. Supposedly, there is cotton webbing sandwiched in the poncho edges to reinforce the grommet areas, and when it gets wet, it rots, making he puke smell.


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          Cold water, dish soap - rinse well.

          Let fully dry. Hang it up.

          You can then sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch on it (I don't - but you can)