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Large Ballistic Panels and other found goodies

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  • Large Ballistic Panels and other found goodies

    While cleaning out my humungus pile of STUFF(see rat shot post under ammo forum) I found some old goodies. I was hoping to get your input about some practical uses for this stuff.

    first I found about 10 ballistic bunker covers. I may be using the wrong term but they are about 3' by 4' kevlar panels used to cover bunkers to stop small arms fire and shrapnel. Some of you may know of other uses for these. Any way they are in great shape and I hate to get rid of them.

    Any suggestions for a good use? I thought they might be a good source of protection should an armed intruded try to enter your home. They could be used to cover a closet door or interior partition for the family.

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    How many layers of kevlar? if their in really good condition.
    I can think of many uses.



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      I don't know how many layers. They are quite thick, maybe a little over a 1/4". They are in great condition with multiple grommet holes. They are very heavy. I am a strong guy and about three or four is all I could lift safely with busting a --- well you know.

      They are not tore or ripped or frayed. Their integrity seems fine.

      What do you think?


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        Im not a self appointed expert, but based on what I've read & seen on sites like
        They tested kevlar panels 20yrs to 25yrs on up and they still worked.
        If you wish to play it safe, test out one of these panels.
        I bet they be level 2 or 3a,dunno, wished I had one or two or more of them.

        If you decide to trade one or more off, holler at me and drop me a PM or e-mail.