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    I posted over in the Mauser forum here, but they don't get much traffic, so I thought I'd try here, as well. I put together a rig for my M48 and was just wondering what other people had come up with for their old milsurps. Mine is a mixture of Brit '58, USGI, and Yugo. Take a look:

    Let's see what you have.

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    Looks to be a nice set up, I've found that grenade pouches work well for ammo pouches.

    I also have a M48,havent set up with a LBV or anything as of yet,but do have tons of surplus gear stored in back room.

    Here the best deal of 8mm, under a 100 shipped to your door.
    Mine came on stripper clips, it is a hit and miss on stripper clips, so I hear.



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      Yeah, the rig works for what I need it for. I'm just curious what others have come up with. I'm especially wondering about the more authentic gear...I'd love to know (and get my hands on) some German or Yugo web gear intended for the Mauser (repro or otherwise).

      I just ordered 900 rounds from Sportsman's Guide. That, along with 240 rounds of Wolf .223 put me at about $150 with shipping. It's in a sealed tin, but they say it's on stripper clips.


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        Neat original and inexpensive rig. I may play around with my patter 58 rig to see what I can do with it.



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          Well I don't hump a lot of stuff on belts or vests but do believe in the modular bag as noted in a few of my posts/replies to others.

          Now if you are talking "Old School", I assume you are talking about a time when people didn't notice you were dressed in semi-battle gear?

          When the AWB happened I found it hard to keep my hobbies under the radar and resorted to "URBAN CAMMO" you know the 'Golf Bag'. I discovered few cared if they saw me stuffing a golf bag into the truck but MAN WOULD YOU GET THE EVIL EYE IF THEY SAW A RIFLE!, this was also before laws were passed that allowed people to carry and transport without infringement. (Imagine that a law had to pass in support of a God given right that was "Guaranteed" by the Constitution).

          For me it's "LOW PROFILE" if nobody thinks you are a threat, you just might pass without any issues. When you have no choice but to fight the last thing you need is a ton of crap all over your body, it's got to be available and unnoticed at the same time. JMHO.


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            By "old school", I just meant the gear that folks here would use for older weapons...before the need for modular tactical vests and the like.


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              This is not mine, I saved it from another message board because I thought it was uber-kewl. The owner might frequent this board, so if so "great stuff".

              Modernized WW2 German Mauser gear.


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                That's pretty nice looking. Thanks for the pics.