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  • Mil-Spec Plus MOLLE Gear

    Just got the new Cheaper Than Dirt catalog in the mail the other day, and opened to a section with a couple pages worth of this MOLLE Gear--and it looks pretty good, but the prices are ridiculously cheap (i.e., $20 for a vest, $18 for a thigh rig, $30 for a pack).

    Just curious to know it anyone's had any experience with this stuff?
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    Some of it is said to be(dare I) decent.


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      There is much better gear out there for not much more money.


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        It pretty much like blackhawk gear, it not badly made.
        Make good for a BOB or shtf gear, as a consumer this is the way to go.
        If I was a seller of other gear, I'd point out, it isnt as well made as high dollar gear and it made over seas.
        Kinda like shopping at wally world & other retailers.
        You can always up grade down the road, this also give a consumer a chance to try many different methods of carry & not be outta pocket so much if they end up not liking that method.

        I went through four different carriers before I ended up with the one that fits my needs best.

        I've gone through many LBVs, before finding the one that suits my needs & comfortable enough to wear.

        I couldnt have done all that if I started out with high dollar gear, so I'd went with used gear as well as gear mention above along with blackhawk before they went up on their prices.

        Now Im good to go,but always willing to try out something new.

        Also, like to make mention, Molle is the way to go.



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          Thanks, guys...
          Media vita in morte sumus


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            ill tell ya first hand that the really big pack is great. got pals all over it and is easily the most comfortable pack ive ever worn. and it really is 1000d. granted its not cordura but they would have to quadruple the price if it was.


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              here's a review...


              the cheaperthandirt molleLBV/Plate Carrier vest is WELL made