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Can you wear a tac vest AND a backpack?

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  • Can you wear a tac vest AND a backpack?

    where does the hydration system go....i would guess you can't have much on the back of the vest...


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    I use my MESA vest with a hydration bladder in the hydration pocket, and wear a pack over it. So, yes, a tac vest and backpack can be used together, but not really if you have a bunch of pouches and such on the back of the vest.


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      Like Tim said, you can wear a vest/rig w/ a pack.
      Get a good rig and a good pack and it can be quite comfortable.


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        i was worried about the same thing but my pack had a hydration pouch in it so that where i put the bladder and just ran the tube up the strap of the pack. i was worried that the weight of the pack would not be condusive the life expectancy of the bladder not to mention the dryness of your pants. but if you guys do it, then i might have to change my config around.

        as for the pouches and stuff, i dont have any on the back of the vest, anything i want to put on the back of the vest, i put on the pals webbing of the pack.


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          The answer for me is NO! (I donít use vests, too many drawbacks)

          I use a "Stage system" where the basics are carried in a way that if you need to they can be stashed for faster movement to pick up later assuming the area is safe.

          My backpack has water, tools and equipment the basics for survival. I carry a bag that has lighter materials like clothes/freeze dried foods. A smaller bag has the ammo/clips/speed feed ramps. With all of the gear and the way I pack it while on foot I can only carry 1 long arm. The more bulk attached to your body only adds to the chance you will get caught up on branches and weeds. Try a dive with that vest on and the mags and crap stuffed in pockets does get dinged and worse you raise your profile, and those few inches may be all it takes for a bullet to find its mark. Try getting mags out of that vest when down on your gut, better yet the young kid thought that you can roll from side to side and grab crap out of your vest to use is not practical. (Play paintball and find out)

          Unless that vest is bulletproof I don't think it is an important item to carry, you only have one time to get it right or make a mistake.


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            I LIVE life this way....
            WHenever I had to go BG hunting...

            THINGS I WANTED to have go into the back pack.

            THINGS I NEEDED to have go in the vest that pretty much never leaves the body.

            In a hurry or in tight places you may have to shed the pack or may not be able to retrieve it in a timely fashion.

            just my $.02 on life.
            AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
            God carries a 1911.
            Just another day towards 20...


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              i know that there are day pack designed to attach to the drings on the vest shoulders. does anyone have experience with this setup? i thought the reason for having a pack was to be able to ditch it if you need the mobility instead of the gear but still have all your ammo and little balls of joy.


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                Lawcop I understand your viewpoint but as a survivalist I won't be hunting anything more than food WTSHTF. I also will not enter into any battles unless there is no other option for escape. To me it will be getting from point A to B, then B to C then C to D when each cache site is used up.

                While the tools and supplies are important for processing food and making clean water providing shelter, fire and light nothing other than good clothes a knife and firearm with ammo has to be carried on your person.

                All the garbage I hump isn't necessary but it sure makes life easier. Nobody can pack everything that will be needed, that is why cache planning is critical for anybody with an escape or survival plan. I don't believe in burying guns because they won't be there when you need them and when it comes to stuffing them in the ground because it's your only way to secure them, that is when you should already be using them to insure your freedoms are not taken from you.

                All I can say is if it works for you then that is good. All of the rigs I have seen and tried only made me slower bulky and tired at the end of a 20 mile hike. When it was time to hit the turf I didn't care much for the outcome and even though I don't want to battle, I figure an ambush is what most of us will be presented with. No warning, just people in your party losing heads then the rifle reports, by the time most of us can react if the area you are going through has killzones odds are many will be dead before they even identify where the threat is. That low profile may be all that stands between you and the afterlife.

                I have a locator beacon so when I am sure the trouble has passed it's not hard to find where the gear was stashed. It's only stuff and not worth my life, I can only hope that what I fear will not happen to my family and friends when it's time to move out.

                Vests also present a higher threat level to others that may see you. Unless it is bright orange and you look like elmer fud with family, odds are the observer will pick you as a prime target to hit first over the guy in hiking gear looking like he is starved and hunting for anything to eat. That's how I see it.


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                  interesting thoughts...

                  I'm becoming more concerned that SHTF in the near future may be more of a civil war, ensuring our freedoms vs. the socialist globalists and their brownshirts...

                  scary that point, i don't think a vest will matter but i also wasn't talking about those HUGE flotation devices either... i'm looking at the lower profile types...



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                    Blackhawk makes a day pack that attaches to the D-rings on their vest and a set of accessory pouches that mount to each side of the pack. Pretty compact and easy to ditch if necessory. Their enhanced butt-pack is a good alternative accessory also. You can hang a hydration carrier between the vest and pack as well. They make all kinds of straps and buckles to rig it all together.
                    God,grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can,and the wisdom to know the difference.


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                      The pack I use has a built in pouch for the water bladder.
                      Also have a thin design Camelbak bladder pouch,both uses the same size bladder.