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"enhanced" versus original USGI LBV

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  • "enhanced" versus original USGI LBV

    What are the differences?


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    As far as i can remember, they are pretty much set-up the same, only the enhanced version used better material.

    I dont recommend either one, they are way out dated.


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      they ARE out dated.
      the "enhanced" has the mag pouches at an angle rather than straight up and down...


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        The enhanced also has fishnet-style fabric for the vest, while the original LBV uses typical nylon fabric.

        I hate 'em both. They rub my nipples raw.


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          Are they outdated like an AK is outdated

          Seriously, I know MOLLE gear is the heat and for good reasons, but one CAN get by with last season gear too, and for alot less money.

          I just got me a BHI USGI LBV copy cause I wanted one and I prefer shoulder harnesses over vests (the ones I've tried on) and the one chest rig I have. I don't know why but I like to keep the bulk of my gear on waist level.
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            I could only fit 4 mags in the old one, but the new one i could get 6, as the one of the pouches on each sides holds two and the other one, one.