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    I've had enough. My cellphone came with a plastic clip holster with a rotating belt clip, which I took about a month or two to break. In the last 2 years or so I think I've bought about a dozen more of them whilst searching for a suitable replacement, especially for my duty belt. As a fan of Tactical Tailor I started thinking one of their grenade pouches would work well, but they didn't have them listed in Black on the website, and I called to check if that was an oversight just to be stymied. I then started looking for something else suitable when I remembered an old TT pouch I once had that would be just about perfect: the Talk-About pouch! Of course they stopped making them and my life is sad and lonely and I'll be carrying my phone in my pockets forever (or blowing another 10 bucks on a clip that will last a few weeks!). Has anyone got a line on one of the Talkabout pouches, I'd need a black one for work... TIA if anyone can help.
    P.S. Here's a pic I discovered:

    And the phone is a Nextel Motorola i730, if anyone knows a good case, preferable using MALICE clips so I can use it on my 2 1/4" duty belt or on my other 4 million PALS toys. Maxpedition's smallest radio/phone pouch is too big and doesn't use MALICE, tried to play with it at a store a couple weeks ago. Thanks again!

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    PM me I could custom make 1 for you, bolty


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      Other than being able to carry your phone on your belt I think that a pouch should protect the phone from the elements, be that rain, sand or dust. I'd guess being outdoors alot effects priorities and needs. Getting the phone out in 2.5 secs is of less importance for me.

      And that's why none of the "tactical" phone pouches are to my liking. I had a pouch made to my specs by a local and it came out far better than the ones available from tactical gear manufacturers.

      My pouch is a horizontal type so the phone takes very little space vertically, bending is easier and I don't have to worry about the phone being broken from my movement.

      It has a full cover lid with velcro closure. I had some thin padding and a plastic riggid insert sewn in between the fabric layers so my phone not being specifically robust one has a better change of survival under active movement and rough environmental conditions. I have been extremely happy with the outcome.

      My phone is approx the same size as yours so take that for what it's worth.


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        Tiny Dan,
        I spend about 80% of my time at work inside an ambulance or various nursing homes and hospitals... I'm more concerned with keeping the phone attached to me where I can reach it, especially without accidentally cross contaminating anything else I'm carrying. Easy access is second only to the carrier not breaking or dropping the phone as making phone calls while in strange positions or lifting and moving a body or performing procedures requires that I be able to remove and secure the phone with 1 hand. I'm fine with QR buckles but the velcro strap on the talk about pouch would have been even better. I wish I knew what I'd done with mine (pretty sure it was Ebayed... was a pre MALICE version anyway, which to me limits its usefulness on a standard belt.

        Might just. Will catch you on G-T.


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          i have a phone about the same size. i had the same problem (my phone would rotate in the holder and fall out). i found a "sandwich style" holder. it has a belt clip and uses elestic to secure the phone. the inside is felt so it wont damage the phone. be sure you get the small...they come in different sizes. its cheap enough that you could buy a couple. heres a site that has them: