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  • velcro and noise question

    Hello, I have a gear question that needs to be answered. i (thru my job LEO) have been assigned to be a part of a team that is required to have some sort of tac vest. most all of the ones i have looked at have velcro closures. i still have my old LBV from when i was in, but it has snaps and old worn velcro. i am wondering how do you quietly (i.e. builing searches) open one of these pouches. is there a better vest? i have, in the past, bought items from Eagle and it was exec. (buttpack), when i was in i was a 2531 assigned to a line company and when we did engage soemone (DS/DS) stealth velcro didnt seem to matter much when a 50 cal from a trac was being fired LOL

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    To silence the velcro you can buy some adjoining velcro, either the hook OR the loop side, and attach it. But you'll have to have another form of silent flap closure (ie. fastex, snaps). Many manufacturers offer redundant closure systems such as this for pouches and vests (SOE, HSGI, SOB...).

    Here's a link to better illustrate what I'm describing:

    The owner of PracTac is a member here and is a great help.

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      I have the Pouch that drifter_r6 linked to (two of them actually).

      IMO it's the best, most versatile rifle mag pouch out there. I don't have a big budget for HSLD gear, so I do alot of research before dropping "my wife's" money, and the HSGI universal mag pouch was what I finally bought.

      Back to the original question, I wouldn't worry about velcro noise for magazine pouches.

      If you have to open a mag pouch it's because you've shot several rounds off and need a reload. At this point noise discipline is broken. Zippers, snaps or fastex buckles are a good idea for utility pouches though.

      I recommend getting a molle/pals compatible modular vest and molle or malice clip compatible pouches, that way you can configure your vest to your mission instead of having to buy half a dozen vests for different applications & weapon systems.

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        Velcro on mag pouches is a non-issue, IMO, for the reasons Crom indicates.

        For utility pouches, it can be problematic.

        If you have any ability at sewing, or known soeone who does, it's not that hard to remove Velcro and replace with buckles/webbing (usually) for pouch closure. Or get them already done like that or with zippers.


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          Is it possible to "recondition" velcro that doesn't stick any more?

          I've got a Maxpedition single sheath that I've been using daily for around 24 months and the velcro on the lid doesn't work properly any more.

          The hook side still works ok, but the loop side is poked. It looks quite fuzzy. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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              thanks fellas, good info and gives me something to look for at next gun show !
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                Time to break out the sewing kit I'm afraid.
                Once the loop side of velcro wears out, there's nothing I know of that will bring it back.



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                  Carson: I had a feeling that would be the answer, but I was hoping someone had a shortcut. Cheers [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                    its old school, but the wood buttons that the SKS bandoliers use are the quietest thing out there and completly effective.


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                      I can get you some silent pulls, Like the ones in the above pic, if you are going the sew your own route.


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                        motley, do you know where one might pick them up at? i checked and didnt see any there.