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  • Evacuation tent question


    I have a question concerning tents.

    In your bugout bag/evac kit do you have a tent?

    For those of you who do, do you recommend any small lightweight, one or two person tents that someone could include in their kit? It would need to be compact of course.

    This would be assuming you probably would not be returning to your home... for a while at least.


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    You can pick up a backpacking tent for less than $150 or so. It won't do much to keep you warm but it'll keep you dry.

    this belongs in Gear and Accessories.


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      this is a basic tent I picked up for $65? at china-mart a couple years ago, It has served me well. I wouldn't recommend it for wintertime though. It is handy and compact. Disregard all the other crap on the link. It was the quickest one I could find with pictures. I use this pack for my BOB and have a larger dome-style for my BOV.


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        I've done the $90 China-mart style tents and here are my experiences:

        Great in dry weather, but seams leak when it rains.

        Lots of nylon material, which allows privacy but creates a lot of 'humidity' due to body heat or if you are anyplace warm/humid.

        I am going to be receiving a couple of tents from MSR/Cascade Designs later for an eval. I'll try and do a write-up then. Not cheap, but I think they'll be good.

        For a few days, the China-mart versions would be fine. Anything over a week, esp. in inclement weather, I'd have wished I had a better tent.


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          Whatever you choose to do and whatever you choose to buy, you may want to consider including a sturdy tarp or two in all BOBs or evac kits. In addition to providing extra weather proofing to a tent, tarps can be used effectively as shelters in their own right. In some condiditions, though, such as black fly or mosquito season or in windy conditions even a $15 pup tent will beat most tarps.
          An additional thing you may want to consider is color. I am of the opinion if I am bugging out I want to be as invisible to others as possible. I stick to earth tones in all tarps and tents. If I want someone to see me, I'll find some other way than a canary yellow tent.

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            Good information all!

            Anyone ever buy from Majors Surplus n survival? They on the level?


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              Hi, we have all sorts of tents,but for my grab and go, I use a small light weight Bivy tent.

              These are affordable and it's a one man tent + gear.

              Also, very low profile.