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Need help with good load out.

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  • Need help with good load out.

    can some one help me with a good list of what I should have in a well rounded pack 3day. Also what about a larger pack, would that be worth the investment. I have a 3 day with some mre's sleeping bag, first aid, some cloths, but I feel that I'm over looking some things.

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    what do you want the pack to do?


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      I want it in case something happens to the point where I have to leave the house because of an emergency/disaster etc. I need the pack to include ammo etc. What I have now I think is ok if not a little heavy and wanted some input.

      Seeing those poor shleps in N.O walking down the street with shopping carts and a loaf of bread I realized that beyond having food and water at home I may at some time may need to leave.


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        Part of the "what should I get" is that nobody really SITS down and THINKS about what they intend to use the stuff for. So, they buy something cool, and it turns out to work well for one thing, but perhaps that one thing isn't what they bought it to do.

        All I can say/counsel about ANY gear is figure out how you're going to use it. Let the "mission" determine your gear if at all possible. Yes, this means you might end up having multiple sets of gear. If that is not a feasible solution (since not everyone gets gear at wholesale prices...hehehe), attempt to figure out the most LIKELY scenario and plan accordingly.

        If you expect to live out of your pack for weeks on end, a 2,000 c.i. 3-day pack probably will not be suitable unless you are Euell Gibbons or somone similar (you young'uns, look it up..."ever eat a pine tree...?" ).

        If you expect to "bug-out in place" in your large city and only need to carry supplies to get you through a day or so, then a Kifaru EMR is equally unsuitable.

        But let's face it...while it's fun to mess with gear and thinks about "what if" and be a responsible citizen by planning and preparing for our personal/family safety, we will unlikely ever need any of this stuff "for real".

        But, following the Boy Scouts' long tradition of "Be Prepared", if we ever DID need it, and you hadn't given any thought to this stuff other than "this was cool so I bought it", then it will be too late to consider this.


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