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WTK: Link for Maxpedition Fatboy Type-S Jumbo

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  • WTK: Link for Maxpedition Fatboy Type-S Jumbo

    I looked through a couple of pages in this forum and couldn't find a link for buying one of these. Couldn't find it on Blackhawk's webpage either. Thanks for any help!

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    Here you go, also some of the locals might have them in stock, I'd wait for that first and then go to one of these dealers:
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      You couldn't find it on Blackhawk's webpage because, well, it's not their product (and, AFAIK, they've not copied it....yet).

      In addition to the fine links MG John has supplied, I also carry the Fatboy (regular and Jumbo in both the regular and S-Type) I have all 3 colors in stock in all styles. Price is $64.99 for the regular and $78.99 for the Jumbosm, with shipping via Priority Mail is $5.00

      I use my regular Fatboy for daily use...the Jumbo is too large for daily use, IMO, unless you're a big guy.

      The difference between a regular Fatboy and a Jumbo...the Jumbo is about 50% bigger...a nice pack, but IMO too big for daily carry. I use my Jumbo for a vehicle medical kit.

      Let us know if you have any questions...and those with a Fatboy or Jumbo, hop in and give us your opinions on the good and bad.

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        My primary use for the Fatboy will be for my day job - carrying range finders, GPS, small digital camera, compass, cellphone, a harbound notepad, and some extra storage space for documents, etc. Secondary use would be CCW "grab n' go" bag with pistol, spare mags, knife, phone, and other asociated materials.

        In your opinion, would the standard Fatboy be sufficient for this, or would the Jumbo version be a better choice?


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          Wow...that's a lot of gadgets.

          You MIGHT be able to get all that into a regular Fatboy, but it'd be tough. If oyu want all the 'primary' stuff, AND the secondary stuff, no way you'd get it all into a regular Fatboy unless you had Barbara Eden working for you, Master. [img]smile.gif[/img]

          I carry a multitool, ProForce SAS survival tin, Surefire E1 light, small notepad, checkbook/wallet in my regular fatboy and have room for a small digital camera and my phone. but not much more....


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            Just placed my order via your website Tim. Thanks for the insight! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              I bought the Jumbo Versi-pack, it has the pocket for CCW also I recommend the holster for the CCW if you buy the Jumbo.