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Look What Distant Thunder Tac Is Making

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    Talk about a Necro-post.

    DTT is a long-dead item. To my knowledge, only a couple of people have received anything from them (originally) or any 'recompense' for the screwed up orders, theft (alleged...just covering my bases here), and (alleged) deception.

    IMO, just write it off to a bad Internet experience. Sucks to do so, but there you go.


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      I personally would like to know as much about the guy as possible, and think that info should be posted as well. That is a good way to try and insure that kind of fiasco doesn't happen again.



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        the guy is a member, right? so just call him out. either he wont ever post again or he'll have a lot explaining to do.


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          The DTT fiasco is years old, folks. There was a huge thread on Lightfighter about all this a couple years ago. Some folks had (supposdly) tracked him/her down, but nothing ever came of it.

          Others had collected info from others who'd been ripped off in the hopes of getting some local DA involved. that never happened either.

          DTT was a member of this board, but hasn't posted in several years.

          It sucks, but sometimes **** just doesn't get resolved and folks remain screwed.


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            Talk about back from the grave-

            I thought someone stole the Distant Thunder moniker without knowing its bad ju-ju or someone else got roped in by this squirrel recently.

            Glad its just a flashback and there have no further injuries.
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              maybe scamming to people trained to not only kill, but erase, wasnt such a good con.


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                This certainly is "The thread that wouldn't die"
                "Not all of them are terrorists"..."No, not all of them, but most of them are, and all it takes is most of them." -Eric Cartman


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                  And, because this thread is no longer useful, I am locking it.

                  If anyone ever hears any more about this, PM me and I can unlock it, or you can start a new thread.