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Bug out or more like a get me home bag..

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  • Bug out or more like a get me home bag..

    I have a Maxpedition Jumbo that I really like, holds lots of goodies but I have a problem. At times I ride somewhere with other folks and my dragging that big sucker out just doesn't go well. What I need is a smaller divided bag maybe eight to ten inches square to carry the bare essentials when with someone else. Surefire flashlight, spare batteries, third pistol magazine, zippo lighter, in other words things that will overload my pockets that I don't like crossing the street without Like to have carry handles, shoulder strap not wanted in this instance. Any ideas, I'd sure appreciate seeing it.
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    Re: Bug out or more like a get me home bag..

    I own and use the Fatboy, Fatboy Jumbo, and Mongo Versipack's from Maxpedition. At one time I was insulin dependent type 2 diabetic (now off all insulin). I routinely carried my insulin, test kit, and syringes in a Fatboy Versipack. If you wear cargo pocket type pants, Maxpedition has a line of 'pocket' organizers, I own and use the Micro Pocket Organizer as well as the E.D.C. Pocket Organizer, one of these might work for you. Also, they have a line of 'Belt Loop' pouches of various sizes that might also work for your needs. Give Maxpedition a look at; Note: I am not affiliated with Maxpedition in any way, just a very satisfied repeat customer. Great gear and prices are not bad for what you are getting.


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      Re: Bug out or more like a get me home bag..

      How tactical do you want it to be?

      If you don't need it to be tactical, one of the hands down best bag I have ever carried, and still do carry depending on what I have to carry with me, is the Finnish army gas mask has some compartments, it's dirt cheap, it looks good with civilian clothes, it's kind of outdoorsy without being tactical and it can carry a suprising amount of every day items, and quite many a times I've stuffed extra clothing in there when it get's too hot or when I expect a cold evening.

      As a side note, I've also carrid a Jumbo and Fatboy and also a 511 Push bag, all great bags, but I still keep getting back to the old Finnish army gas mask bag, hell, I'll have to buy a few to keep in store in case they finally run out of the surplus stuff eventually.

      Here is an example:

      Edited to add, there are at least two variants, one with an internal divider and one without, the one to get is the one with the divider, it helps organize things a little better. On the side facing away from the body there are a few sewn on pouches that are good for keeping some pens, a zippo and even a wallet depending on the size.
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        Re: Bug out or more like a get me home bag..
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