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blown-out redwing boot soles - repair ? little hope...

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  • blown-out redwing boot soles - repair ? little hope...

    attached are photos of my spectacular redwing boots purchased in 2006, nonmet safety toe & hardware, gore-tex, etc. which are now reduced to rubble because the cushioning rubber layer was also used as a structural component bonding the soles to the boot body. Stupid design, who would do such a thing. Anyway, the rubber is literally disintegrating. Anyone have any suggestions for repair ? I can't imagine anything other than remolding this rubber layer. or rather, go find another pair of boots with similar properties but a less stupid design. Any ideas ?

    yup, been busy with plasteel epoxy. I glue it here, it fragments there. These were awesome boots, I'm sad.

    no, they're not attached just yet...

    fun with tech, here they are as URLs, thanks for taking them time to look at them
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    I know of a small shoe repair shop I have dealt with for about 50+ years off and on, first the father and then a son. Another son had his own shop about 12 miles form me here now but he is now retired himself (dad has passed on). From what I have seen pass through their hands over the years I would say they'd leave out on even trying. Leather they could repair, but that foam stuff would be beyond the ken.

    Red Wings have always had a good reputation, enough so that they could keep a free-standing brand store in business. Too bad about that design though.

    Good to see you back. Hope you will stick around more.

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