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I'm thinking about getting one of these

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  • I'm thinking about getting one of these

    I'd like to see how well it's made. I'm assuming that it will be stitched less or something, but will be fine for occasional ight to medium use.

    It has a few features I like. The detachable sustainment pouches allow you to lighten up the pack for a particular purpose. Those pouches can be attached to an LBV or pistol belt and used as a buttback.

    If I get it in OD green or tan It would blend in well with most civilian backpacks and not have as much of a military look. This can be important for several reasons.

    The biggest appeal is the price of $29.
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    Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

    I am also thinking about getting this one too:

    I would be more likely to use them as luggage on a church mission than I would to put them through anything like my military issue gear went through. It would be nice if it could be pressed into service and used for a serious multiday walk in the wilderness. I think I still have a few of those in me.


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      Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

      The buckles in the first pictures look VERY thin and fragile.

      The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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        Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

        I really need the second bag to replace one I lost a year or so ago that was very similar. I wanted to get the first bag as well to basically have a matching set at the airport. I agree though, the barracks bag looks better made than the ruck.


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          Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

          I ordered both of the bags I linked to above. I also ran across a used deployment bag at a gun show that is super nice. I gave $35 for it, probably 10% what a Marine unit first paid for it.

          $450 on amazon:

          The three bags should all match (more or less) and the sustainment pouches are MOLLE, so they can be moved around to different bags as needed.
          I'll have around $100 into the whole set, and expect it to last the rest of my life.

          I will probably buy a second rucksack if I like the way the one I ordered looks when it arrives. I'll give the one I ordered to my 16 year old to use as a book bag in high school. I don't think I would be able to put it through as much abuse if I tried, so it would be a good test of the material and stitching.

          It will be interesting to compare the higher quality US made bag with the Chinese made products. I think that the materials will be ok, but the stitching will be where it eventually fails.

          One nice thing about the design is that the pouches come off, so he can attach one with his soccer stuff in it on those days, or his lunch and a snack in another. He'll be able to set it up and keep his smelly clothes separate from his sandwiches and schoolwork.
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            Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

            That first pack has single row stitching throughout, so it can't be that good. Not for heavy use, but as a cheapo emergency use vehicle kit bag that mostly stays in the vehicle then it's tolerable.

            The deployment duffels out on the market, to be honest I have never seen a bad one. I got one of the Blackhawk deployment duffels from someone in this forum (I forget who) that had been to afghanistan and back, then with me it lasted a long time, through one or two National Guard annual trainings and a bunch of my own travels.

            Beware taking anything military or surplus military or even kind of military looking on church missions. The authorities in some of those third world countries are paranoid as hell and go making up conspiracy theories on the thinnest of facts, especially if they manage to access any of your military background information. Then it can place the entire mission in danger. That's part of why SEAL team 6 and a lot of real world CIA types go,shopping at places like REI and then let lower level less informed "tactical dude" civilians, veterans and gun nuts take the heat at airports.
            Life, Liberty and the pursuit of those who threaten them.


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              Re: I'm thinking about getting one of these

              I seriously wouldn't waste my money on those packs. Gear is one of those categories where you get what you pay for. And for the ad to show a supposed MSRP of $500 knocked down to $30 makes it clear that it is Chinese junk.

              Check out here for some quality pack reviews...