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  • Shotgun Shell cCrrier

    I live in a semi remote area. I need some ideas on a shotgun shell carrier on the oft chance that I need

    to go out the back door at o-dark thirty.

    South Jersey Boy

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    Re: Shotgun Shell cCrrier

    The sling carriers are pretty functional, but add a lot of weight and are a little awkward. I like the reciever mounted carriers the best, but the stock mounted ones are a good alternative too.


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      Re: Shotgun Shell cCrrier

      Are you looking at something for like a perimeter check around the homestead or more of an extended combat/patrol load? How many extra rounds are you looking to carry, and would you prefer for it to be something that goes with the shotgun, something you grab in a hurry or in an emergency, or something that you don't need to be able to don on in a few seconds?

      If the latter, I'd suggest something like a mini chest rig with a few shotgun shell carriers and maybe a flashlight or some such small items that you might want to have handy when you go out.

      Like these, just for example:
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        Re: Shotgun Shell cCrrier

        These off Ebay aren't terrible AND they are inexpensive, always a strong point for me!
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