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  • Grip Pod System

    Has anyone tried this?-

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    Re: Grip Pod System

    Yeah I had one. Heavy, cumbersome, limited real world utility. My opinion is it adds something else to get hung up when carrying a rifle, limits sling types that can be used. Luckily I got mine used from a guy that disliked it as much as I did so I didn't lose money when I got rid of it. AND when engaging the feet, watch which way they're pointed, the spring is stout!
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      Re: Grip Pod System

      I don't have one but I've handled and shot a friends rifle that has's not a good forward grip and it's a bad bipod basically
      That is, too long a grip, too wobbly (and even taller) a bipod...a short light grip and a folding Harris type bipod would be a much better combo IMO.
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