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Carry along gun cleaning kits?

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    Re: Carry along gun cleaning kits?

    I can't imagine ever NOT having a can of WD-40 or equivalent in the vehicle, any vehicle. In a pinch, regular motor oil is fine too, and modern motor oil usually has some anti-fouling detergents in it anyway. I even kept a mini-can int the little tool kit under my motorcycle seat for unsticking the choke or a brake cable. A Boresnake completes the kit. I usually have some steel wool around the vehicle too. Q tips in my personal hygiene kit. All of that works with keeping the weapons clean but personally, I have this thing about earwax anyway and scrub my ears a few times a day. I have hearing loss anyway, but itchy ears is a total no-go.

    Quality guns are not really picky on kinds of lube anyway, and I have even lubricated dry stored guns with stuff like transmission fluid (stinks though) and once when I was in the field, I was handed 200 blanks for my M60 and told I had to burn them up or there would be no chow. I was away from the vehicle and nobody had any CLP at all. The little bottle in my gunner's bag had popped open somewhere and leaked out.

    What did I have? Shaving gel and a canteen of water. Yep, the cool mint stuff. It dried to a crust very quickly during firing, so I had to keep pouring water into the weapon action in order to keep things working, and wet enough that it would stay wet and not dry to a nasty carbon crust by the time we got back to the barracks. For the good news, the stuff cleaned out great using Pine-Sol in the hot sink we normally used for cleaning mops, and all of the carbon fouling went out with it, the fastest easiest clean I ever got done on an M60. The Pine-Sol also left a waxy residue that was great for long term storage but it all had to go on really hot, hot enough that any water evaporated off quickly without getting trapped under the waxy stuff.
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      Re: Carry along gun cleaning kits?

      Originally posted by m92s View Post
      I'm guessing more like $20-30
      I was guessing right, it's $20 empty, $35 with contents:
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