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good travel bag for dive gear ?

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  • good travel bag for dive gear ?

    greetings, it's been a while. looking for a practical bag for dive stuff, 2 sets of booties, fins, wetsuits + assorted usual odds & ends (the masks go into carryon). I see the code alpha 33 rolling duffel and it looks like the best choice. Anyone want to give a general reply to whether the advertising about "developed for Navy SEALs" is a bunch of * or true ? I want bombproof on the outside before interior refinements, stylin' and certainly before paying extra for a dive industry logo. Therefore, I like heavy nylon, I'll take care of organizing the contents, etc. etc. Your views will be appreciated.
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    Re: good travel bag for dive gear ?

    Lots of stuff gets made with the intent to sell it to the military and anyone who has been to a PX knows that some really junky stuff can slip into the supply system through MCX or AFFEES.

    Blackhawk is not really the best, but they are pretty good. They have a "deployment duffel" that is seriously heavy duty. I got one in trade years ago from someone here at AW, I forgot who, but he gave me a great deal on it although it was pretty used and beat up when I got it since the bag had previously been around the world, I think more than once but spent a lot of time in Afghanistan. I hand washed it in a big tub full of soapy water and used it in the field a few times, then at some military base that had large washing machines for gear I crammed it in for a heavy duty cycle after a two week annual training which involved a lot of kicking and dragging of my gear bags. I have had it something like ten years of off and on hard use and all of the zippers work fine, it looks good and is the basis for my vehicle based bugout bag system. Tac-Force made a knockoff for a while but I never got one (should have). I think Eagle makes the original.

    511 makes a pretty good wheeled "tactical duffel" but I am not sure if it would fit your stuff. Personally, I looked that Alpha 33 bag up on and think it looks a bit weak.
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